Salt Marsh Trail

ScuteClick here to take a Google Earth interactive tour of our Salt Marsh Trail with ‘Scute.

Our trail takes visitors into the marsh where unparalleled views of migratory birds, fiddler crabs and other creatures are up close and personal. Along the trail, several stations provide visitors with information on what is growing and living all around them.

At trail’s end, our 125’ pier stretches out over a tidal creek where you can observe one of the worlds’s largest colonies of laughing gulls. Or, you can simply sit, rest and enjoy a truly beautiful and peaceful vista.

Consult our calendar for a schedule of guided walks, featuring an informative film about the wetlands.


Don’t have Google Earth? Download it here or view Salt Marsh Safari Tour on Google Maps.
(For a larger view, click the Salt Marsh Safari Tour link above not the map below!)

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