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In 2012, with support from the Disney Conservation Fund, The Wetlands Institute hosted a select group of teachers for an intensive training as part of the Terrapin Conservation Project. Participants in the project included Maggie Dugan (Upper Township Elementary School), Jane Krajewski (Quinton Township Elementary School), Mary Lyons (Millville Senior High School), and Lynn Tyszka (Holly Heights Elementary School).

These teachers worked alongside The Wetlands Institute staff, volunteers, and research¬ interns from the Coastal Conservation Research Program to learn about the ecology, natural history, and conservation of Diamondback Terrapins and to gain hands-on experience with terrapin research. With this preparation, they developed learning activities based on terrapin biology and conservation for their respective grades. Check out the learning activities and presentation developed by Jane Krajewski and Maggie Dugan for grades 3-6 (these can be modified for other grade levels)!

Development of terrapin-based teaching modules will continue to be a focus of The Wetlands Institute staff and teacher partners with the support a new grant from the Disney Conservation Fund. These lessons will be available through The Wetlands Institute in 2015.

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