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New Jersey Junior Duck Stamp 2016 Best of Show

Best of Show for New Jersey “Wood Duck in Early Morning Fog”, by Ashley Yae.

Best of Show for New Jersey “Wood Duck in Early Morning Fog”, by Ashley Yae. Conservation Message: “Wetland conservation is very important to me because wetlands provide many habitats to many different animals, including ducks.”

About the Artist

NJ Best of Show from Previous Years

2016 Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program

The Wetlands Institute is the official State of New Jersey site for Junior Duck Stamp entries and judging. Congratulations to all students who entered the 2016 New Jersey Junior Duck Stamp Competition. All of our entries were beautiful interpretations of waterfowl that the students studied and learned how to draw. This year there were 127 entries received from children all over New Jersey. Over the coming year an exhibit of the top thirty-six winning original works, including New Jersey’s Best of Show, will be sent on tour around New Jersey in a variety of venues, while a display of the artwork will be on permanent exhibit at The Wetlands Institute.

Interested in seeing this artwork for yourself but not able to visit The Wetlands Institute?  Consider visiting one of the exhibit locations on the 2016 tour schedule.

New Jersey’s Top 36 Winning Artists

Age Group I – Grade K to 3
First Place: David DellaRova, Iris Gao, Racheal Song
Second Place: Jeong-Yeon Cheon, Katherine Lee, Luke Krombholz
Third Place: Dante Duca, Joelle Kang, Juliette Rose

Age Group II – Grade 4 to 6
First Place: Diane Cho, Andrew Park, Maya Soares
Second Place: Jonathan Lee, Zion Lim, Brandon Liu
Third Place: Jessica Huang, Grace Schwenger, Angelina Wang

Age Group III – Grade 7 to 9
First Place Best of Show: Ashley Yae

First Place: Ashley Yae, Soomin Kim, Jennifer Lee
Second Place: Stacey Cho, Jiyoon Ha, Eunchae Hong
Third Place: Evonne Chiang, Amy Son, Adia Win

Age Group IV – Grade 10 to 12
First Place: Jessica Lee, Sungwon Yoon, Tiffany Guo
Second Place: Yao Bian, June Lee, Eric Martin
Third Place: Elisabeth DellaRova, Helen Gao, Dawon Seo

More Information about the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program

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