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Fun in the Sun for Summer ’22 is Here!

In-Person:  Summer Nature Program 

Join us! Right here, in-person, at The Wetlands Institute!

Spend a week (or two or three!) discovering the New Jersey Shore in a fun and
hands-on way. Engage in science experimentation and exploration, play games, go on field trips, explore the beach, create arts and crafts, and so much more all while enjoying a new theme each week.

For children ages 5-13, programs are held weekly from June 29 – August 24, 2022 and include field trips and beach days. Children age 4 can enjoy special programs during the weeks of June 29, July 4, July 18, August 1, August 15
and August 22, 2022.

Children age 4 attend programs daily from 9:30am – 12:00pm and children ages 5-13 attend programs daily from 9:30am – 2:00pm.

2022 Summer Nature Program
Registration Packet

Pricing and themes vary by week and age level.
Please download a registration packet for complete details.
Please see current availability below before registering.

Have questions about how the week will run?
Click our Full Week Procedures or Short Week Procedures to find out more about each week and any modifications related to COVID-19.

Additional Questions?  Call (609) 368-1211

2022 Summer Nature Program Themes

June 29 – July 1 (Wednesday – Friday)
Theme: Creation Nation: The Art of Nature
Take a closer look at the colors, shapes, and patterns in nature. Make connections between nature’s design and human engineering and get inspired! With nature as our canvas, create your own works of art using natural materials and a little ingenuity.
Registration LIMITED for Ages 4 and 10-13.
Registration is FULL and CLOSED for Ages 5, 6-7 and 8-9. 

July 4 – 8 (Monday – Friday)
Theme: Explore the Shore: Seaside Science
Investigate the science of the seaside and the creatures that live just below the waves. Discover how plants and animals adapt to life by the salty sea. Learn about the movement of water, wind, and sand and how it’s all connected to human life on land.   
Children age 5-13 will go to Corson’s Inlet State Park.
Registration is FULL and CLOSED for ALL AGES. 

July 11 – 15 (Monday – Friday)
Theme: Water, Water Everywhere
Planet Earth is a watery world! In rivers, lakes, oceans, underground and even in the atmosphere, water is truly everywhere. We’ll dive into the properties of water, what lives in the water, and who needs water to survive. Get ready for a wet and wild adventure!    
Children ages 5-13 will go to Cox Hall Creek Wildlife Management Area.
Registration is LIMITED for Ages 10-13.
Registration FULL and CLOSED for Ages 5, 6-7 and 8-9.  

July 18 – 22 (Monday – Friday)
Theme: Creepy Creatures, Amazing Features
Crabs, jellyfish, sting rays, oh my! From slimy to spiny, pinchy to prickly, these creepy creatures are often misunderstood. Discover the amazing features of these cool creatures and the important role they play in the ecosystem.
Children ages 5-13 will go to Hereford Inlet Lighthouse.
(We apologize, for the change. The Atlantic City Aquarium, which was previously scheduled, is now CLOSED with no anticipated reopening date.)
Registration FULL and CLOSED for ALL AGES. 

July 25 – 29 (Monday – Friday)
Animal Helpers
Nature needs your help! Become an animal helper as you discover how to care for the aquatic creatures in our Aquarium and meet the faces, human and animal, behind The Wetlands Institute’s efforts to protect terrapins, horseshoe crabs and shorebirds.
Children age 5 -13 will go to Cape May County Zoo.
Registration is FULL and CLOSED for ALL AGES. 

August 1 – 5 (Monday – Friday)
Life in Cold Blood
Reptiles, amphibians, fish and more! Dig in to life in cold blood and discover how these egg laying creatures survive in environments from the deep sea to the mountain tops. Explore what all these animals have in common and how they are truly unique.
Children age 5 -13 will go to Cape May Point State Park.
Registration is FULL and CLOSED for ALL AGES. 

August 8 – 12 (Monday – Friday)
Theme: Habitat Explorers
From the pineland forests to the wild wetlands, we have some incredible habitats to explore. In a habitat, all living things can find the food, water, and shelter they need to survive. We’ll venture out in search of animal homes big and small and create animal homes of our very own.
Children age 5 -13 will go to Belleplain State Forest.
Registration is FULL and CLOSED for ALL AGES.

August 15 – 19 (Monday – Friday)
Theme: Marvelous
Marine Mammals 
Dive deep into the underwater world of marine mammals. From the largest blue whale to the smallest sea otter, uncover the mysteries of these fascinating creatures. We’ll learn how marine mammals fit into the larger ocean food web and how we can help protect marine mammals and other sea dwellers from ocean pollution.
Children age 5-13 will go to Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center.
Registration is FULL and CLOSED for ALL AGES. 

August 22 – 24 (Monday – Wednesday)

Theme: Creation Nation: Eco Trails & Treasures
From sea shells and rocks, pinecones and feathers, nature’s trails hold many treasures. We’ll gather up our treasure maps, trek along in search of these gems, learn about the forces of nature that created them and craft some amazing works of art along the way.
Registration LIMITED for Age 10-13.
Registration FULL and CLOSED for Ages 4, 5, 6-7 and 8-9.


Support for Summer Nature Program generously provided by Donna and Craig Rothman.