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Spend a week discovering the New Jersey Shore in a fun and hands-on way! Engage in science experimentation and exploration, play games, go on field trips, explore the beach, create arts and crafts, and much more all while enjoying a new theme each week: Fins, Scales, & Tails: A Fishes Creature Feature, Eco-Trails and Treasures, Oceanopolis, The Great Outback Survival Games, Terrapins to Toads: Community Defenders, Making a Splash with Marine Mammals, Dragons, Damsels, and Butter? Oh, Fly!, Mainland to Marshes: Explore the Shore, and Rock Fossil Stone! 

For children ages 5-13, programs are held weekly from June 26 – August 21, 2019 and include field trips and beach days. Children age 4 can enjoy special programs during the weeks of June 26, July 8, July 22, August 5 and August 19, 2019. Children age 4 attend programs daily from 9:30am – 12:00pm and children ages 5-13 attend programs daily from 9:30am – 2:00pm.

Summer 2019 Registration is Here!  Spaces fill up quickly, so register today!

Pricing and age level availability vary by week.  Please download a registration packet for complete details.

 Questions About What To Expect Each Week?

Download FAQ/Procedures for Full Week or Download FAQ/Procedures for Short Week

Additional Questions?  Call (609) 368-1211

Summer 2019 Program Themes and Dates!

June 26-28
Fins, Scales, & Tails: A Fishes Creature Feature

Mummichogs to mackerel, yellow fin to blue, big mouth and big eye, and little ones, too! Get into the swim of things and discover everything you ever wanted to know about fishy features, but were afraid to ask.

July 1-5
Eco-Trails and Treasures

Finding our way, searching for clues, following the signs, making maps, and “reading” the land. We’ll be charting a course for discovery in locating caches, letterboxes, and natural treasures. Be on the lookout and bring your sense of adventure!
Ages 5-13 field trip to Cox Hall Creek Wildlife Management Area.

**Extra This Week! Wednesday July 3 is Families in the Field Day! 9:30AM-2:00PM.
Parents are invited to join in on the field trip fun today. Bring a picnic lunch and let your inner child out to play!!**

July 8-12

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live or to work underwater? What’s it like way down deep living in an “oceanopolis”? How do sea animals do it? How do humans do it? Dive on in and let’s find out! Bring your creative ideas; this week we’ll be working on our project for the 4H Fair.
Ages 5-13 field trip to the Atlantic City Aquarium. 

July 15-19
The Great Outback Survival Games

Wildlife live outside all of the time. Birds build nests, fish go with the flow, turtles are colored to blend in with their surroundings, and butterflies fly hundreds of miles. If you had to, could you build a shelter to protect yourself? Could you turn salt water into fresh? Would you eat a worm, a bug, an eyeball? You and your “tribe” will work together to find a way to survive this week. Don’t get voted off the island!.
Ages 5-13 field trip to Belleplain State Forest.

**Extra This Week! Wednesday, July 17 is Nighttime in the Forest 6:30- 8:30PM.
We’ll meet you tonight in the forest for some nighttime games and campfire fun.**

July 22-26
Terrapins to Toads: Community Defenders

Do you like to eat good food, breathe clean air, and drink fresh water? So do those cute, little terrapins we all love to see. So do the dolphins, the horseshoe crabs, the ospreys, and even the toads! All wildlife has to have a habitat. Join us this week, take up the banner, and become a defender of the community – both at the shore and at home.
Ages 5-13 field trip to the Cape May County Recycling Plant.

July 29-August 2
Making a Splash with Marine Mammals

Sprinkle, spray, and splash! It flows, it goes, it rises and falls and cycles around. Water, water it’s everywhere! All life needs water and there is a lot of wildlife in water. Marine mammals used to live most of their life on land and have returned to the water. What’s so special about water? Come on in this week, the water’s fine!  
Ages 5-13 field trip to Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center.

August 5-9
Dragons, Damsels, and Butter? Oh, Fly!

They flitter and glitter in the summer morning sunshine, bringing magic to our backyard and a smile to our day. Meanwhile, these predators and pollinators, and all kinds of other insects, are working hard to keep our global garden ecosystem happy and humming. Put on your entomologist eyes and your entomologist ears while we investigate the drama of dragons and damsels. Catch the buzz!
Ages 5-13 field trip to Tuckahoe Wildlife Management Area.

August 12-16
Mainland to Marshes: Explore the Shore

Between the bustling city and the crashing waves of the beach there are the tidelands at the edge of the shore. All may seem still out there as we make the long drive out to the islands, but the marshes are teeming with activity for us to explore. Grassy islands, winding channels, mucky mudflats and more! 
Ages 5-13 field trip to Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.

August 19-21
Rock Fossil Stone

Geeeology! As silent as they are, rocks speak volumes about what they are made of, how they were formed, where they have been, and sometimes about the plant and animal life hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years ago. Let’s listen in and “get the dirt” on stones.

**Extra This Week! Wednesday, August 21 is A Night at the Beach 6:00 to 8:00 PM. 
Come back to the beach on Wednesday evening to watch the moon rise, balance some rocks, and hunt for ghost crabs along the beach tonight.**

Come enjoy the shore!  We’ll see you soon!