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A Day of Birding for Conservation

New Jersey Audubon’s World Series of Birding

May 11, 2019
12am to 11:59pm

Be an EARLY BIRD and pledge your support now!

New Jersey Audubon’s World Series of Birding is on May 11th and the excitement is building as are all thing this 50th Anniversary Celebration year. The fearless Marshketeers will participate once again to raise money for bird conservation in this annual 24-hr marathon of birding. The more species we see, the more we can do for conservation. The Marshketeers first entered the World Series of Birding in 1992 and we are excited to be keeping the tradition going strong.

This year, we will again stick to our roots, embrace our incredible sense of place, and honor the long history and our leadership role of significant research on coastal birds and again participate in The Big Stay. This means we will tally as many birds as we can see or hear from a single position that is a 17’ wide circle. Of course, we have chosen the iconic tower at the Institute. So our team will be up in the tower for 24 hours! Naturally we expect our tally to be lower than in past years, but are excited for the time to better understand the lives of our resident birds and connect to our marsh in deeper ways.

Can we count on you? This is an important fund-raising event for the Institute. Last year, The Marshketeers saw 63 species, and raised more than $5000 for our coastal bird studies program.

As with past years, we’ll be on the lookout for our Bonus Bird, the Red Knot. Proceeds will be used to support coastal bird research and conservation programs at the Institute. There are several ways to support us:

  1. Pledge an amount per bird species identified, and mail your contribution after the results are in for the year.
  2. Contribute a fixed amount to send in right away.
  3. Offer an additional pledge based on whether this year’s “bonus bird”, the Red Knot is found.

Help support coastal bird conservation programs by supporting the 2019 Marshketeers, make your donation online or call 609-368-1211. You can also download a printable pledge form here.