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A Day of Birding for Conservation

New Jersey Audubon’s World Series of Birding

May 14, 2022
12am to 11:59pm

24 hours, a team of obsessed birders, and You!

The need for conservation never sleeps – and on May 14, neither will we!

That’s right, The Wetlands Institute’s intrepid Marshketeers are once again taking on the World Series of Birding – a 24-hour conservation marathon that’s truly “for the birds”.

30 Years of Marshketeers

The Marshketeers dived into this event in 1992, and on May 14, 2022, we’re raising our binoculars on our 30th World Series of Birding anniversary. In celebration of this milestone, and in honor of our conservation legacy, we’ve set a special goal – and we need you!

30 by 30

We’re grateful for everyone who supports The Marshketeers, and this year we want to get even more people involved in protecting the birds we love! We’re looking for 30 new contributors by April 30. If you’re a veteran supporter, share this with a first-timer. If you haven’t given before, this is your moment to join the flock!

You’re the wind beneath our wings!

By pledging to The Marshketeers, you’re directly supporting our life-saving coastal bird research and conservation work. Your generous gift today can help us make a real difference for birds.

Make it happen – make your gift today!

  1. Pledge an amount per bird species identified, and mail your contribution after the results are in.
  2. Contribute a fixed amount to send in right away.
  3. Offer an additional pledge based on whether they find this year’s Bonus Bird, the Seaside Sparrow.

Help support coastal bird conservation programs and make a difference for birds by supporting The Marshketeers. Donate online, download a printable pledge form, or call us at 609-368-1211.