Adult Outreach Programs

Allow us to bring our live animals and exciting presentations to your location for an unforgettable education experience!  Our adult focused group outreach programs bring a variety of local animals and topics to your organization, with more in-depth content tailored to an adult only audience. All programs feature live animals and the opportunity to touch and interact – because you’re never too old to keep learning!

We also have Virtual Adult Outreach Programs Available!

Turtles of New Jersey

Whether it’s swimming in the ocean or wandering through your backyard, we have turtles of all kinds here in New Jersey! During this presentation, we’ll meet several different species of turtle that can be found locally, including a species that lives in a very special habitat, the Northern Diamondback Terrapin.
(Note: A specialty program focused only on Northern Diamondback Terrapins also available. Please inquire.)
Virtual Option Available!

Horseshoe Crabs: Living Fossils at the Beach

Every spring at the shore our beaches get visited by a living fossil, the Horseshoe Crab! At this presentation, we’ll meet and learn all about the Horseshoe Crab, discuss why so many animals rely on them to survive (including humans) and the research and conservation efforts here at The Wetlands Institute.
Virtual Option Available!

Barrier Beach Ecology*

The Jersey Shore is more than just sandy beaches – the barrier islands here are an entire unique ecosystem! From the turtles of the marsh to the crabs of the beach, we’ll discuss what exactly makes up a barrier island and meet an animal that lives in each of the many different zones.
Virtual Option Available!

Migration at the Shore*

Every year, the changing of the seasons brings with it a wave of animals migrating through the coast. From the small Monarch Butterfly to the Ospreys in the marsh, we’ll discuss the journeys of these animals as the seasons change. Includes a live Monarch tagging demonstration, as available!
(Note: This program is only seasonally available September 1 – October 31 due to the availability of live Monarchs.)
Virtual Option Available!

Mollusks of the Shore: Where Did that Seashell Come From?

Beachcombing and shell collecting are some of the most popular beach pastimes. But have you ever stopped to think about where that seashell came from? The answer is from a group of animals called mollusks! For this lecture, we will discuss what exactly is a mollusk, how those seashells get made, and meet living mollusks.
Virtual Option Available!

Fish, Fins, and More!*

We eat them, swim in the water with them, and are sometimes even afraid of them, but we don’t always know a lot about our local fish! During this presentation, we’ll learn what exactly makes a fish a fish and take an up-close look at some of our local marine species. Live animals include a variety of local fish, seasonally dependent.
Virtual Option Available!

*Programs require projector and screen hookup.

Time:  All programs are between 45-60 minutes per session.  Up to 6 sessions per day can be scheduled.

Prices:  Pricing is based on the number of sessions and includes the program fee plus travel fee.

Traditional In-person Program Pricing 

  • Summer Program Fee: April 1st- October 31st.  $250 for one session, $95 each additional session.
  • Winter Program Fee: November 1st -March 31st.  $125 for one session, $95 each additional session.
  • Travel Fee: $1 per mile, calculated as round trip from us to you and back.

Virtual Program Pricing 

  • Virtual Summer Program Fee: April 1st- October 31st.  $190 for one session, $70 each additional session.
  • Winter Program Fee: November 1st -March 31st.  $95 for one session, $70 each additional session.
  • Travel Fee:  Not Applicable.

Registration Procedure: Reservations are made by email (preferred) or phone on a first come first served basis. A signed contract and 50% deposit are due within 5 weeks of contract date. This deposit is non-refundable unless the program is cancelled with at least 30 days notice. Please email to book a program.

Payment: Full payment is expected on the day of program. The 50% deposit is applied to the total cost of the program. Payments can be made via cash, check, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or school purchase orders.

Group Size: Group size is limited to no more than 30 participants per session.  If you expect more, we can provide another session for an additional charge. Please contact us for more details, and also to inquire about virtual option group size restrictions.