Group Outreach Programs

Allow us to bring our live animals and exciting presentations to your location for an unforgettable education experience!  Presentations include programs such as Sea Creatures with Amazing Features, Traveling Turtles, Life in a Salt Marsh, Plankton: Bugs of the Sea, and Traveling Touch Tank. All group outreach programs feature live animals and offer an interactive experience for audiences of all ages!

All Group Outreach Programs are available for both In-Person and Virtual Program participation!

Sea Creatures with Amazing Features

Let us share our little animals with your little animals. Participants will use all of their senses and their imagination to discover the wet world of water animals.  Following a fun and interactive explanation of the local sea animals we bring, participants will get hands-on time with them. Habitats, food chains, and anatomy are some of the topics covered.  Animals include sea stars, sea urchins, hermit crabs, spider crabs, green crabs, clams, sea snails, and a horseshoe crab.*
Virtual Option Available!

Traveling Turtles

These ravishing reptiles elicit awe from people of all grade levels. Participants will get a chance to meet a variety of turtles that are native to New Jersey, as well as explore various hands-on turtle artifacts. Your group will dive into topics such as: turtle anatomy, natural history, behaviors, adaptations, life cycles, and more. Participants will also learn about our Diamondback Terrapin Conservation Project and get some quality time with live adult terrapins and even some hatchlings. Although participants do not touch the live turtles, there are plenty of opportunities to view these amazing animals, as staff walk around with them to ensure a closer look.
Virtual Option Available!
Special 2023 Summer Reading Theme Option Available! Inquire about our Conservation Heroes: Traveling Turtles.

Life in a Salt Marsh

Salt Marsh ecosystems are some of the most productive places on planet Earth.  Participants will assist our instructor in creating a living model of a salt marsh.  As they go, they will be introduced to the extremely important elements of a Salt Marsh including tides, mud, sun, grasses, bacteria, fiddler crabs, snails, plankton, fish, terrapins, birds, and how all of these elements affect humans.  Once the model is created, participants will be able to take a closer look and also investigate other hands-on activities and live animal touch tanks.
Virtual Option Available!

Plankton: Bugs of the Sea

We’ll cover all things crustacean.  Participants will get an introduction into the “Secret Lives of Plankton”, take a closer look at a live plankton sample, then delve into those crustaceans which start their lives as plankton (hermit crabs, blue claws, green crabs, spider crabs, shrimp, lobsters)* Participants will get hands-on time with the animals and use kid friendly microscopes to check out their own plankton samples.  A major focus of the program is life cycles but there is more than that once you break through the shell.
Virtual Option Available!

Traveling Touch Tank

Perfect for fairs, festivals or any other event where there are nature loving people looking to get their hands wet and their curiosity satisfied.  We will bring one of our touch tanks (measuring approximately 3×5 feet) and fill it with sea creatures for all to investigate… hands-on.  Crabs, sea stars, sea urchins, mussels, snails, clams, and horseshoe crabs are some of the usual suspects. * Our staff will be there to share fun and interesting facts and to help with the handling of the animals.  It always draws a crowd and keeps them smiling.

*The types of animals involved may change due to availability.

Time:  All programs are between 45-60 minutes per session.  Up to 6 sessions per day can be scheduled.

Prices:  Pricing is based on the number of sessions and includes the program fee plus travel fee.

Traditional In-person Program Pricing 

  • Summer Program Fee: April 1st- October 31st.  $250 for one session, $95 each additional session.
  • Winter Program Fee: November 1st -March 31st.  $125 for one session, $95 each additional session.
  • Travel Fee: $1 per mile, calculated as round trip from us to you and back.

Virtual Program Pricing 

  • Virtual Summer Program Fee: April 1st- October 31st.  $190 for one session, $70 each additional session.
  • Winter Program Fee: November 1st -March 31st.  $95 for one session, $70 each additional session.
  • Travel Fee:  Not Applicable.

Group Size:  Group size is limited to no more than 75 participants per session.  If you expect more, we can provide another session for an additional charge.  Please contact us for more details.

Registration Procedure:  Reservations are made by email (preferred) or phone on a first come first served basis.  Please email to book a program.