The Wetlands Institute is pleased to announce our Shorebird and Horseshoe Crab Celebration Days.

Located between the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the Cape May Peninsula plays host to one of the world’s greatest natural spectacles. Moving to the pulse of ancient rhythms, tens of thousands of shorebirds leave their winter homes in South America and fly north, dropping down onto the beaches of Delaware Bay just as horseshoe crabs climb out of the water to lay millions of eggs in the sand. For a few weeks, the hungry shorebirds feed on these energy-packed eggs, doubling their weight before making their last migratory push north to breeding grounds on the Arctic tundra. Our shores host the largest concentration of spawning horseshoe crabs in the world, and the shorebird migration – nearly 10,000 miles end to end – is one of Nature’s most epic journeys. This is the only place on Earth to witness this incredible drama.

Come join The Wetlands Institute for a celebration of this great wonder – the shorebird migration and horseshoe crab spawning season. Proceeds help support our critical research, conservation, and education programs focused on shorebirds and horseshoe crabs.