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The Wetlands Institute depends on the generosity of our donors to promote appreciation, understanding, and stewardship of coastal and wetland ecosystems. This support is pivotal in helping us sustain and expand our programs in research, conservation, and education. Thank you for partnering with us!

Legacy Society

Recognizing all of our friends who have included us in their estate plans, past and present.

Lee and Jim Amigh
Ruth H. Berry
John and Muriel Cuthbert
Dr. Constance P. Dent
Jane C. Dent
The Estate of John and Roberta DeVries
Richard and Barbara Eckhardt
John Flynn and Kathleen Hocevar
Anne Galli
Marion Glaspey
Barry and Peggy Grass
Stephen and Mary Ann Gring
The Estate of Ann Gundry
Lois and Barry Hamilton
Maxine G. Haneman
Lee and Nicky Harp, Jr.
Michael and Deborah Hays
Gladys M. Hebeisen
Bob and Sally Herd
Holly Hummel
C. Blair Ives, Jr.
Anita LaPlaca
Joseph E. LaVance, Jr.

Bill and Janis McCracken
Mary Millar
Harriet Monshaw
L.H. Moretzsohn
Gerald and Michelle Mulkeen
Fay J. Oxenreider
Charles and Gail Poliero, Sr.
Jane Rakestraw
The Raupp Family
Wayne and Kay Renneisen
Evelyn A. Rider
Sam and Nancy Roberts, Sr.
Joyce A. Robinson
Donna and Craig Rothman
Jim and Barbara Summers
Robert and Susan Tafel, Jr.
Lenore P. Tedesco, PhD
Drew and Annie Ulichney
Philip and Amy Welsh
Albert E. Wood, PhD
The Estate of John Wright III
Harold (Spike) Yoh, Jr.
Jennifer (Jacobs) Zeigler

2023 Donors

We wish to acknowledge all those who supported our mission throughout 2023.
♦ Endowment 2023          ◊ Herbert Mills Legacy Society          * Loyalty Society


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Ray and Ellen Burke*
Bill and Rosemary Hankowsky
The Leff Family Foundation
Jim and Jeannie Morris*
Jim and Barbara Summers◊*
Virginia F.C. Batchelder Foundation
Samuel Vrooman and Denise Cifelli*
The Ward Family Foundation
The Wiseman Family Foundation
The Estate of John Wright III◊

$10,000 to $24,999

Sana and Andy Brooks♦*
Diller Family and Foundation, Inc.
The Edgebrook Foundation♦
Anne Galli♦◊*
Susan Handy♦*
J. Robert Herd† and Sally Herd◊
High Hopes Farm of West Grove, LLC
John Lazarich Foundation*
Larry L. Luing Family Foundation
Margaret McAllister


William and Sandra Mezzanotte
John Millar and Rault Kehlor♦
Mary Millar◊*
Julian and Betsy Miraglia♦*
New Jersey Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership
Quest for the Best
Marc and Kathy Uknis and Family
Drew and Annie Ulichney◊
Valley Fund Charitable Foundation
Will and Jennie Wermuth*

$5,000 to $9,999

Aon Service Corporation
Avalon Yacht Club
Anne Bazik
Boscia Family Foundation
Hilary Budny and Joseph Taylor
Charlie and Wendi Chase
Michael Craig*
The David Nation/Suzan Willcox
Family Fund
Jim Donohue and Carol Mager*
Terry and Lynn Fortino Family*
Joan Galli◊*
Rosemary Georganna*
Glenmede Trust Co, NA
The Estate of Ann Gundry◊
Lee and Nicky Harp◊*
Michael and Deborah Hays◊*


David Juras
William and Melissa Lafferty
Linda and Abe Littenberg
M&T Bank
Hugh† and Diana McFadden*
Jane Rakestraw◊*
Wayne and Kay Renneisen◊*
Chip and Nancy Roach*
Ron and Elaine Sandmeyer*
Hank and Julie Schellenger*
Sturdy Savings Bank*
Jeralyn Svanda*
Sam and JoAnn Thomas*
Jon R. Tullis◊
Laura Wilson and Mark Menting*
Spike and Gail Yoh◊
Jennifer (Jacobs) Zeigler◊*

$2,500 to $4,999

7 Mile Publishing and Creative, LLC
Archer & Greiner, P.C.
Avalon Flooring*
Marie Boylan and Jeffrey Freedman
Tim and Rose Clay
Jim and Maureen Fendrick
Steve Frame
Glenn Insurance*
Hafetz & Associates
ICONA Avalon
Linda Keil*
Robert and Maryann Kelly
Rick and Lizann Killmeyer*
Helen Kroh
Tom and Candy Kurlak


William and Tracey Labrum
Lang Rogers Family Foundation*
Brad Leisure
Terry and Betty McCabe*
Joan Narrigan*†
Opera Wine Imports, LLC
PSEG Services Corporation*
RJ Soens Group - Compass RE
Tim and Cindy Roach*
John and Amy Swanson
Brian and Mara Taffe
Roy and Susan Tedesco*
Wakefern Food Corporation
Philip and Amy Welsh*
Ann Whitman

$1,000 to $2,499

Harry and Pat Allex
Anonymous (2)
Bob and Joyce Asher*
Atlantic Cape Fisheries, Inc.
Avalon Home and Landowners Association
Lindsey Dickinson Baynard
The Boland Investment Group of
RBC Wealth Management
Brandywine Developers
Brown & Brown of New Jersey, Inc.*
Bryn Mawr Trust
Phil, Lisa, and Andrew Buckingham
The Clem Family
Concentus Wealth Advisors
Marge Corson*
CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC
Jim Crum
John and Muriel Cuthbert*
Bill and Hilary Dahms*
Russell and Jessica Deighton
Tom and Maggie DeVita
The Estate of Roberta DeVries*
Paul and Anne Disdier and Family*
I.S. and Tita Eberly*
Eden Charitable Foundation
Eldon Builders
Therese Esperdy and Robert Neborak*
Mike and Pat Evans
Loretta Finnegan*
Fitzpatrick, Bongiovanni & Kelly, PC*


John Flynn and Kathe Hocevar*
Foster-Karney Foundation Fund
Cameron and Diane Fowler*
Rod and Pam Gagne
Gary and Nancy Gallagher
Tom and Mary Grein
Aidan Griffiths, Bufflehead Nature Tours
Stephen and Mary Ann Gring*
Dolores Guerrero
Halliday Financial Group
Barry and Lois Hamilton*
Karl and Katie Hausker
Hays Sheet Metal, Inc.*
Jack O’Brien and Alexa Hays-O’Brien
Cole and Diane Henry*
Bonnie Higgins and Thomas Sullivan*
Ralph Hueske
Dwight Jenson
Dorothy Linvill-Neal
The Lobster House
Kevin and Trisha Luing
Lund’s Fisheries, Inc.
Dan and Rebecca Magee
John Mazzo*
Paul and Bea McKirgan
Stephen Miller*
Stephen Mottola
OceanFirst Foundation
Joan O’Shea
Duane and Martha Parker


Ruth Patterson
The Phillies
Scott and Lorraine Reese*
Amy Katz Rickenbach
Chris and Dawn Ryan
Dennis and Beth Salter
Scarborough Marine Group
John and Jana Scarpa
Richard and Kathleen Schmidt
Schultz & Williams
Steve and Lori Scott
Shoprite of Hunterdon County, Inc.
Skimmer Tours, LLC
Charlene Smith and Richard Pike*
Stone Harbor Chamber of Commerce
Lenore Tedesco and Nancy Fribley*
Susan and Tim Terranova
Steuart and Linda Thomsen
Ashley Tobin*
Mike and Marty Torpey*
John and Holly† Tyson
Mark and Mary Van Kooy
Joseph and Elaine Watson
Westside Distributors, LLC
Trey White III and Christine Reynolds
Yacht Club Of Stone Harbor
Hal and Sharon Yoh III
Dominick Zampino

$500 to $999

John Aglialoro and Joan Carter
Thomas and Pamela Allingham
Anglesea Colony Gardens
Condo Association
Anonymous (8)
Clifford and Colette Anzilotti
Keith Bancroft
Karen Barnes
Bells School
Jim Betz
Sharon Bojcik
Carolyn Boris
John and Amy Brennan
Mary and Patrick Bridgeman
James Bromley
Stewart and Laura Bryan
Cape May Winery*
David and Ruth Capuzzi
Jim and Beth Carll*
Marc and Lauren Carpenter
Chubb Charitable Foundation
Circle Liquor
Brian and Julie Clements*
Coco Blu
Joseph and Jeannie Colalillo*
Colin and Leslie Convey
Brenda and Bob Dale
Linda Davis-Moon and Jefferson Moon
Joseph and April Denny*
Matthew and Sue Dougherty
EarthShare of New Jersey*
Ebbitt Room/Virginia Hotel
Daniel Engel
Elaine Faulkner
Ritson and Julie Ferguson*
Donna Ferraioli*
Dale and Leslie Florio


Caelan and Aven Ford
Bill and Linda Furge
Jim and Mantura Gallagher
Jack and Jennifer Gensemer
Luis Gomez
Paul and Kathy Gonsalves
Mike and Dot Green
Joe and Bethann Griesser
Rae and Devin Griffiths
Harbor Outfitters*
Charles and Mary Louise Hartman*
Michael and Ann Henahan*
Christine and George Henisee
Thomas and Sharon Higgins
Harry and Louise Hill*
The Hodges Family Foundation*
Roger and Jennifer Holland
Bob and MaryBeth Humbert
Jean Hunter
Gwyn and Irv Hurd*
Bonnie Jack*
Kathryn Kearns and Brian Campbell
Father William Kelly
Helen Kushla*
Carol D. Lane*
Hillary Leonard
Lauren Long
Martin and Mary Lukacs*
Michael and Teresa Mallon*
Anthony Martino
MaryCate McDonough
Kirsten McNamara
John and Lisa McNichol*
Christopher Mills
Reese and Phyllis Moore
Gerry and Michelle Mulkeen*
Nev-R-Enuf Sportfishing


Fay J. Oxenreider*
Nathaniel Paier
Howard and Mary Panitch
Allison Pescatore and John Palma
Steve and Kris Pfeiffer*
Felicia Pfeiffer Angus and Michael Angus
Pier 47 Marina
Seymour and Jean Preston*
Vickie Rosskam*
Peter and Amy Sargent
Peter and Bonnie Schorsch
Bob and DiDi Scott
The Shore Club
Charles and Mary Jane Slugg*
Eileen Smalfus*
Tara Smith
Michael and Jennifer Steiner
Tim and Kristen Stout*
Robert and Susan Tafel*
Bud and Claire Thalman*
Ronald Triolo
Miles and Judy Truesdell*
Kenneth and Carol Walck*
Chuck and Carol Walsh*
Lisa Walters
Dale and Lauri Wannen
Jim and Dale Watson
John and Susan Willett
Tim and Nancy Wilmott
Terry and Judi Wochok
Ron and Ruth Workman*
Michele and Jeremy Wright
Brett and Jenna Yeager
Harvey and Julie Zalesne

$250 to $499

Margery and Frank Abel
Jim Amigh*
Carol Angelo
Anonymous (19)
Mark Attmore
Pete and Bonnie Ault*
Zachary Baer
Paul Barbin
Carolkay Barre*
Ashley Bennett
Lynn Biggart
Eugene and Joan Bissell
Andrew Blair*
Charles and Barbara Blake
Ann Bloom
Lynn Bowlby
Beth and Richard Brake*
Eileen and Neil Brazidis
Christopher and Patricia Brown*
Kenny Brown*
Audrey Buckingham*
Bob and Linda Bugden*
Thomas Cahill
Cape May County Zoo AAZK
Chris Caran
Joan Cavalier
Anthony and Donna Celentano*
Ray Classen
Robert and Brooke Coldren
Andrea Corbley*
Bill Cordasco
John and Gloria Corrado
Robin and Rob Crowl
Denice Dennis
Ed and Beth DiMarcantonio
Robert and Kate Doms
Jan Dougherty*
Joyce Ferguson*
Lisa Ferguson
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
James and Nancy Foulk
Michael and Faith Fiocco
Christopher Fowler*
Wyman, Cheryl, and Katherine Fowler
Benjamin and Stephanie Frick*
Craig Garretson
Gary and Laura Gehman*
William Griffenburg


Carole Griffiths
The Grosso Family*
Barbara Kirch Grudt
John and Cecelia Hallinan*
Thomas and Theresa Harlan
Warren and Melanie Harlan
Melanie Harlin
Liz and Rich Hefner
Timothy and Donna Hegge
The Heywood FamilyJulia Horowitz
Tim and Aurora Hughes*
Holly Hummel*
Mary Beth Hurley*
Andrew and Janet Ingrahm Dwyer
Jackson Family Wines
Jasmine and Iris
Take Action Fund
Lyn Jordan
John and Barbara Kelly
Stephen and Veronica Kepchar*
Bruce, Pam, Alex, and Danny Kirch
William and Johanna Kramer
Dennis and Heather Kuczynski
Allan and Laura Kunewa
Bob and Dianne Lamina
Marie Elaine Lanza
Bill and Carol Lehman
Georgene Lockwood
Phyllis Lowe*
Low Tide Ocean Products
Maureen Luschini
Andy and Roxanne Majka*
Megan Matro
Lynn Matthews*
Leonard and Helena Mazur*
Tom McClintic
John and Suzanne McGowan*
Bob and Laurie McLaughlin
Mari McLean and Ann James*
John and Fay McManus
Kathleen McNicholas*
Julie Mealo*
Chip and Mary Jane Menz
Jim and Hannah Miller*
Warren and Tara Miller
Ralph and Esther Milnes*
Hugo and Linda Monformoso*
Paul Morse


William Moses*
Daniel and Cecelia Mowday
Mike and Lisa Munroe
Tim and Kelley Murphy
Cassandra Naylor*
Mary and Timothy Nelson
Anna and Christopher Norton
Tim and Marianne O’Shaughnessy*
Steven Parker
Kellyanne Patterson
Tony and Mary Petrick*
Pledgeling Foundation
Stephen Popowski
Diana Prokapus
Pursuit of Hoppiness Charters
The Reeds at Shelter Haven*
Phyllis Reger*
Eliot Robinson-Nettler
Avery Rome
Rosemary DePetris Foundation
Blair Russell
Richard and Beth Saunders
Henry Schellenger III
Stephen and Jeanne Schlussel
Joe and Leslie Schneid*
Ryan and Cynthia Schwarz
Alisha Slye
Greg and Emily Stahl
John and Patti Staley*
Stone Harbor Elementary School
Strathmere Fishing & Environmental Club
Bill and Cheryl Struble*
Nick and Lisa Tarrant
Brian and Laura Torchin
Blair and Candis Trogner*
Gerard and Margaret Vaccacio
Suzanne Walters*
Joe and Jolly Waterman
Mike and Susan Weed*
Beth Wetzel-Honey*
Charles and Linda Whitman*
Charles and Susan Wolfe
Fred and Carolyn Wood*
Roger Wood
P.J. and Erin Yeatman and Family
Greg and Paula Zollner*

$100 to $249

Richard and Linda Adams*
Pat Agger*
William Ahmer
Kim Albaugh
Gwendoline Alexander*
Erlinda Alfonso
Eric and Kellyanne Andruczyk
David and Fran Arvan
Atlantic Telecom*
Merry Atwood
William and Martha Bair*
Jennifer and Joe Bak
Mike and Joan Barminski
Karen Barnshaw
Susan Barrett
Scott and Evelyn Barron
Anna and Rick Baumgartner
Pat Begley*
Helga and Cyrus Behroozi
Joyce and Joyce Bender
Paul Bender
Ann Benjey*
Susan Benner
Robert and Marie Benz
Barbara Biller
Jack and Beverly Birch
Cheryl Bishop
Erin Bishop
Brian and Laura Borak*
Borghi's By The Bay
Jean Bowen
Raymond and Patricia Brace*
Darryl Breniser
David and Dottie Brennan
Kevin and Heather Briggs
Greg Brown
Susan Browne
Susan Buchanan
Patty Buchner
Peter and Pat Burton
Butcher Family Butchers
Chris and Pat Buziak
Raymond and Barbara Byrd
Kevin and Peggy Cadigan
Joseph Capelo
Caprioni Family Septic/Portable Toilets
Tim Carmody
Bill Carney*
Jerome and Judith Casciani*
Lauren Catts
Mary and Gary Clark
Virginia Clark
Debra Cline
John and Jacqueline Connor*
Deborah Cook
Timothy and Stephanie Cooney
Edith Corson*
Mario Corvetto
Julia Costanza
Joseph Cox
George Cruys
Amos Cutler
Sandra Dane
Stephen D'Angelo
Michele Danley
Jackie Dash
James and Sallie Davis*
Lynn Day*
Carol DeArmitt
Jules and Maggi Debaecke
Nicholas and Elaine DeLaRosa
Patricia Deriscavage
Lise Detwiler
Beth Devine
Chris and Gerry Dewaghe
Gina Dignazio
Ray and Linda DiGrazia*
Diving Horse Restaurant
William and Angela Dobbins
Maya Doshi
Paul and Sharon Driscoll
Lee Eberly*
Jessica Ebinger
Patrick and Dottie Egan
Kristen Egan
Thomas Egan II*
Erik Eisen
Bill and Pat Eyster
John Fabiano
Paul and Rosemarie Fahey
Leah Falls
Mary Farrington
Lisa Fendrick
Scott and Christina Ferguson
Jeanine Ferrick
Mary Findlay
Deborah Fischetti
Denise Fitzpatrick
William Flounders*
Rebecca Flyckt
Alan and Elaine Ford*
Francis Forwood
Victor and Natalie Foschini
Steve and Wendy Francz
Richard Frank
Phyllis French
Barbara Friday
Jan Froehlich
Ann Frost
Donald and Janet Furmanski*
Joe and Kathy Gallagher*
Garden Club of Stone Harbor
Patty Garretson
Mary Garrett*
John and Dawn Gaydos*
Eugene Getter
Donna Gibson
Joyce Gitin
Joseph Gizzarelli
Mike Glasser
Amber Glavine
Cai Glushak
Mary Goldner
Carl and Catherine Graf*
Stephen and Donna Greenlee
Patricia Greenwood*
Michael Griffith
The Griffith Family
Sharon Grinker
Doug and Barbara Groff


Donna Groskoph
Jonathan Grossberg
Suzy Gumm
Tom and Diane H. McMeekin
Lawrence and Donna Haldas
Michael Haldas
Kevin Halloran
Steve Hamersky
Rob and Lisa Hamilton
Lance and Winnie Hammell
Richard and Susan Harpe
Karen and Herb Harr
Nancy Harris
Graysha Harris*
George and Nancy Hassel*
Stephanie Hays
Vivien Heckendorn
Linda Kay Heckert
Leo and Stacey Helmers
Christina Heneghan
Mary Hentschel-Scott*
Karen Hepp
John Herd II*
Bill and Linda Hernandez
Caroline Herzog
Phillip and Katie Hodak
Wayne Hoffman
Sue Hoffman
Robert and Janice Holden
Tim and Ginny Horn*
Herb and Maryann Hornsby*
Robert Hughes
Bill and Tara Hutchinson
Robert and Rhonda Hutchinson
Warren and Kathy Hylinski
Hobie and Deb Iselin
Lynne Ives*
Joseph and Anne Jacovini
Alyssa Jamison
Ming and Ida Jang
Jay's On Third
Yardly and Scott Jenkins
Walter and Linda Jennings
Peter and Kathleen Jespersen
Bess Joftis
Meg and Craig Johnson
Ken and Barbara Johnston*
David and Barbara Junkin*
Sarah Kauterman
Hazel Kavle
Rob, Desra, and Caitlin Keenan*
Bernie Kelley*
Charles and Bonnie Jean Kennedy*
George and Elizabeth Keszeli
Bob and Carollynne Kirch
Meaghan Klagholz
Melissa Knapp
Catherine Koning
Laura Kousmine
Mitchell and Eileen Kowal*
Adam Kozek
Winifred Kraft
Joanne Kubacke
Michael Kunkel
Kari and Kenneth Kurtz
Ione Laffey
Clark and Liliana Lagemann
Susan and Skip Lane*
William and Charlotte Lansinger*
Joe Lastowka*
Christopher and Gail Laux*
Ken and Molly Lawrence
Raymond and Joyce Leak*
Joe and Cyndy Legowski
John and Margaret Leisenring*
Maryann Lesnick*
Stephen and Dolores Levine
Donna Lieb
Ilene and Jared Lieberman
Carolann Littzi
James Loftus
Irene Long
Thomas and Michele Lynch
John Lynn
Thomas and Andrea Lyons
Matt and Renee Makoid
Mary Mallon
Edward, Alice, and Ally Margolis*
Joe and Edey Martorana
Jeanne Maskell
Richard and Carol Mason
Joseph and Kathy Mattos*
Moses Maxen
Ed May*
Cathy McAvoy
Bob McClennen
Anne McCord
Amy and James McDermott
Colleen McDevitt
Marge McGann
Ann McKenzie
Mary and Maura McMahon
Robert McNabb
Thomas and Patricia Meitzler
Maureen Meloche
Thomas and Georgianna Melzer
Amy Mendoza
Allen and Elizabeth Meyer*
John and Nancy Michalski*
Judith Mills
Jane Mingey
Checca Miraglia
Tara Mondjack
Harriet Monshaw*
Blair Moorhead
Jeff and Jenny Morris*
John and Joanna Morrison
Andrew Moyad
Bethany Munkel
Patricia Murphy
Stephen Myrow
Michael Nagle
Jack Natalini
Joel and Carla Neigh
Chuck Newcomer
Ocean City Free Public Library
Devin Odonnell
Jackie Ohls
Janet Palmerchuck*
Bernadette Park


Gabriel and Rose Marie Pascuzzi*
Jan and Mark Pask*
Devon Patchel
Maureen Patti
Sanjay and Nora Pawar
Patricia Payne*
Mike Pearson
Carol Pendergrass
James and Barbara Penders*
Anthony and Jody Pepenella
Petunia BYOB
John Pitocchelli
Donna Ponzo
Eileen Post
Stephanie, Declan, and Zoey Prevost
Jane Prinski*
Janice Pruch
John and Leslie Pryor
Suzanne Quentin
Anna Rakoczy
Stewart Ramsey
Steve and Suzette Rankin
Alan and Linda Raughley*
RBC Wealth Managment
Aaron Reeves
Jim and Theresa Reilly
Brian and Mary Reynolds*
Evelyn Rider*
Dante Rieti
Eleanor Ritchie*
Deborah Robertson
Rob and Carolyn Robertson*
Lee and Corinne Robinson*
Beth Rogers
Helene Rogers
Edwin and Betsy Roland
Lisa and Joe Roselli
Meghan and Doug Ross
Kathy Rosset
Marguerite Rowe
Philip and Patricia Rowland*
William and Lynn Russell
Patty Rutledge
Faith Ann Ryan
Mark and Rebecca Sadowski
Kristin Sagedy
Salty Saltiel
Akbar and Sally Samii*
Michael and Victoria Santora
Anthony Savarese
Kate Schafer
Justin Schell
James Schellenger
Stephen and Susan Schmidt
Gregg Scott*
Leslie Sharpe
Stephanie Sher
Marcus and Maribeth Sheridan
Cati Shoemaker
Bill Sibson
Nancy Siefert
George Siegle
Thomas Silva
Elizabeth Silvernail
Peter Sinesi
Christine Singer*
Barry and Sandy Slabik*
Erin Slowinski
J. Scott and Joan Smedley
Betsy Smith
Spiaggetta Seafood Trattoria
Dayalan Srinivasan
Mike and Christa Staab
Peggy and Alan Stabert
Rudy Stegemoeller
Janet Stern
Robert and Barbara Stewart
Matt and Lisa Stiles
Peter and Patti Stokes
Jerry and Kay Stone*
Maryanne Stubbs
William and Susan Studt*
Christopher and Samantha Sullivan
Surfside Fitness
Steve Surplus
Vincent and Angela Tague
Albert and Judith Tamagni
Jack and Barbara Tarditi
Al and Joanne Taubenberger
Phil and Nancy Tedesco
Mike and Maureen Templeton*
Todd Theroux
Liz Thomas
Paul and Michele Thompson
Paul and Judy Thompson
Jennifer Tiffany
Michael Toner
Linda and Lewis Tozour
Lisa Trucksess
Christine Trycieckyj
John and Kathy Tunnell*
Linda Underhill
Francis and Alicia Van Kirk
Katie VanArsdalen
Keith Vaughan
Michael and Mari Veneziano*
Michael and Georgia Villani
Vineland Public Library
Gary and Nancy Vogt
Beth and Dante Volpe
Eugene and Jeannette Walrath
Mischele Way
Judy Weaver
Sharon Weimar
Stock and Beth Weinstock-Collins
Ed Wheaton
Robert and Andrea Whitton
Drake and Sandra Williams*
Roz Williams*
Nancy Wilson
Woodstown Monthly Meeting of Friends
Gerad and Denise Wurst and Family
Barbara Wyke
Carol Wyland
Kellie Yarnell
Donnie and Gina Zabinski
Theresea Zacharewich
Hubert Zhang
Doris Zucca*

Up to $99

Alexandra Adams
George Ahern
Ross Ahya
Ruth Aichenbaum
Dan and Cheryl Alexander
Cristy Allen
L. Allen
Donna Alley
Jeff and Carolyn Altringer
Michael and Cheryl Amaniera
Pamela Andersen
Mary and Peter Anninos
June Appleton*
Stelisa Arhotakis
Anne Arpa
Bruce Ashmore
Pat Aspinwall
Nonye Asuzu
Louise Auwarter
Bob and Diana Bachmann
Kristin Bahnsen
Dori Bailin
James and Lorie Baker
Megan Baker
Patricia Barbieri
Sandy Barbuscio
Richard and Connie Bashore
George Bateman
Pat and Marianne Baumann*
Kristin Beck
Marianne Bell
Heidi Belnay
Nina Benigno
Margaret Bennett
Mark Besic
Megan Betz
Dot Bevan
Christopher and Donna Biddle
Kristin Bielski
Anne Bigler
Nick and Sarah Bilotta
Patti Birchall
Wally and Patty Bishop*
Al Black
Jean Block
Julie Blum
John and Susan Bobinyec*
Catherine Bock
Nancy Bogda
Theresa Boland
Jim and Debbie Bolognese
John and Marcia Booth
Mark and Marie Borak
Ryan Borowski
Barbara Bowden
Maria Bowditch
Kelli Bowen
Bianca Bowman
Patricia Boyer
Joseph and Janet Boyle
Bridget Boyle
Jacqueline Boyle
Christina and Chris Bozarth
Martin Bradley
Leslie Branda*
Jennifer Braun
Kelly Breckenridge
Martin and Allison Brennan
Terrence and Susan Brennan
Anne Brickley
Hannah Bright
Chelsea Bright
Mel and Joanne Brody
Kathryn Brunner*
Fiona Buck
David and Petra Buck
David Buckley
Philip and Barbara Bur
John and Carolyn Burke
Bill, Fran, and Heather Burns
Nanette Busolits
Susan Byer*
Sal and Kristin Caccavale
Lisa Callahan
Josh Callen
Michael Campbell
Priscilla Campbell
Stew and Terrie Campbell*
Marybeth Cannon
Lindsey Cardaci
Nelson and Grace Carey
Carol Carlson
Delphine Carpenter
Elizabeth Carroll
Wendy Carty
Cynthia Caruso
Ashley Cassel
Julia Cassidy
Alicia and Michael Cernek
Hedy Cerwinka
Avery Chapman
Bob and Nancy Charamella
John Cheezum
Kirsten and Mike Chervenak
Yuan Chou
Jonathan and Lori Cianfrani
Barbara and Alicia Ciccotelli
Jennifer Ciferni
Leah Clark
Brian and Sarah Clarke
Dorothy Classen
Edith Classen
Sue Clover
Corbin and Lynda Cogswell
Nicole Cohen
Rob and Debbie Cohen
Sam Colalillo
Gary and Sheryl Coleman
Dennis and Geraldine Colgan*
Carol Ann Collins
Sam and Rob Collins
Diana Comerford*
Paul and Priscilla Connolly
Karen Connors
Wayne and Sue Conrad
Bette Conroy
James and Jessica Conway
Ralph Cooper
Tara and Andrew Copeland
Maria Cordero-Ricardo
Justin Corpino
The Corso Family
Rose Cortico
Michael and Maura Coskey
Izzy Cox
William Coyle*
Don and Patricia Crist
Emily Crossen
Scott Crosswell
Crum & Forster Insurance
Catherine Cummings
Tracy and Daniel Curcio
Sarah Cuzzolina
Andrew, Jessica, Chloe, and Sophie Daher
Richard and Alice Dalla-Palu
Daniel D'Amico
Crystal Davis
Peggy Davis
Suzanne Davis
Kathleen Day
Roberta and David Dean*
James and Antoinette Deever*
Moyna Defelice
Elizabeth Defluri
Tayson Deignan
Anna Marie and Nick Delcasale
Ron Della Penna*
Paul and Carolyn DeLong
Adam Denish
Nancy Dennis
Natalie Depalma
Matthew and Monica DeRose
Jericha Dethlefs
Mike and Joan Devine
Terri Dezzi
Dolores Dicicco
Cindy Dickerman
John Digenni
Jeff Dix
Kimberly Dmytro
Bill Doan
Garrett Dodge
George and Kathy Dolgos
Bob and Lisa Donaldson
Marlynn Donaldson
Patricia Donnelly
Kristen Donovan
Katie and Daniel Dore
William Dorner
Carrie Dougherty
Donna Dougherty
Margarette Doyle
Susan Draxler
Kenneth Drewes
Ms. Drzal Drzal
Dan Dunn*
David and Karen Dunn*
Deb Durham
Stephen and Roseanne Duzinski
Emily Dye
Fred and Karen Edelstein
Marcia Ehrhart*
Susan Elgin
Georgia Elston
Gordon and Eleanor Engel*
Karen Espinosa
Kelly Ethevenin
James and Alexis Evarts
Lizzy Facciolo
Jeff and Lynn Fackler
Michele Fairbanks
Lynne Falterbauer
Amanda Fanelli
Heather Fanz
Jessica Farrand
Elizabeth Fellows
Ferguson-Dechert Real Estate, Inc.*
Albert and Anna Fernandez
Roslynn Fernow
McKenna and Mark Ferraro
Janine Ferrentino
Roberta Ferro*
Alayne Fessler
Joe and Laurie Fialkowski
Margie Finamore
Deb Finelli
Michael and Faith Fiocco
Tom and Kass Fitzpatrick
Kim Flanigan
Daniel and Sara Flannery
Amanda Fleissner
Oscar Fletcher
Anthony and Gail Flynn
Sara Fogarty
Morgan Forbes
Kathy and Greg Foster
John Foti
Teresa Fox
Barbara Fox
Terry and Lawrence Frangiosa*
Mark and Sally Frazza*
John and Patricia Friedrich
Lizanne Frisby
John and Kimberly Fulton
Mark and Annette Fulton*
Clare Furmanski*
Christina Gaffney
Kathleen Galante
Andrew and Amy Galik
John Gallagher
Suzie Gallagher
Tara Galman
Alexandra Garove
Michael and Catherine Garvey
Gay Lynn Gates
Kristen Gates
Patrick and Jennifer Gauna
Sara Gausz
Pete and Patti Geiss
Cassidy Gentile
John Gfrorer
Dawn Giamalis
Kim and Fern Gibbons
Nancy Gibson
Jim and Suzi Gilbert
Todd and Joann Gilbert*
Patricia Gilford
Kimberly Gillis
Al and Carol Giordano
Julian and Irene Gladstone*
Jeffrey Glibert
John and Diane Gobeil
Emma Goddard
Susan Gohean
Cy and Cathy Goldberg
Barbara Golla
David and Donna Gonze
Marina Good
Adam Gordon
Jennifer Gordon
Henry and Marion Gorelick*
Julia and Porter Gould
Karen Gould
Connie Grande
Judy and Jeff Grann
Robert Gray
Anne, Jack, Susan, and Debbie Greenwald
Joan Griffin
Jean Grimes
Anthony Grippo
Sharon Guarente
David Guest
Lauren and Lee Gundy


Mary Gutshall*
Darren Habiland
Mimi Haggerty
Greg Haines
Howie and Pamela Haldeman
Kathy Haley
Taija Haller
Andrew and Rita Hallock
Lori Hamilton
Wilson and Supap Hamilton
Sarah Hamrock
William and Joan Hand
Ruth Hanker
Kathy Harron
Ashley Hartman
Julie Hartman
Jaclyn and Daniel Hartnett
Grayson Harty
Danny Harvey
Betsy Hassler
Betsy Hauck
Jody Hauck
Mark and Heather Hauck
Amanda Hawk
Kevin Hayes
Sam Hayes
Philip Heck*
Andrew Heim
Linda Hendee
Don and Valerie Henry
Susan Heyburn
Koralie Hill
Fred and Jean Hills*
Theresa and Adam Hilton
Larry and Dorothy Himmelstein*
Kylie Hines
John and Patsy Hinkle
Kristen Hirner
Pauline Ho
Helene Hoechst
Kelly, Jacob, and Kinsley Hoffer
Kathleen Hoffman
Corinne Holt
Kathy and Roger Horn
Michele Horvath
Kristin Housler
Chris and Kate Hughes
Rob Hummel
Susan Hummel
Danielle Hunter
David Hutchings
Lee and Rosie Hymerling
Il Posto Ristorante
Joann Ireland*
Kimberly Jackson
Jennifer Jamison
Leonard and Heidi Jankauskas
Helen Jennings*
Eric and Bernadette Jespersen
Annie Johnson*
Joyce Johnson*
Kathleen Johnson
Ruthann Johnson
Martha Jones
Larry Jordan
Taylor Jordan
Gail Joseph
Susan Judge
Elizabeth Kadjesla
Charles Kaier
Rona Kaplan
Kara Restaurant Group Establishment
Alissa Karpovich
Megan Kately
Jill Kaur
Katherine Keenan
Kelly Keifer
David and Nicole Kelley
John and Anne Marie Kelley*
Jayne Kelly
Joseph and Susan Kelly-Dreiss*
Shane Kendra
Thomas and Joanne Kendra
Chet Kennedy
Tara Kerr
Tim and Janet Kerry*
Colleen Kestner
John H. King
Julie and Kara Kircher
Benjamin Kirschner
Martin and Eileen Klagholz
Allison Klein
Brian Klippenstein
Lindsay Kneas*
Melanie Koch
Teresa Koenig
Jerry and Marinna Kolaitis
Irena Kornreich
Joshua and Mary Ann Koslov
Chris Kostek
Vaia Kozanas
Charles and Kara Krafczek
Joseph and Allison Krell
Nancy Krieger*
Kevin and Victoria Kristian
Joshua and Cathy Krotec
Joanne and Gary Kuchera
Catherine Kunda
Joyce Kunkle
Jane and Stephen Kunzweiler
Nadine Kuster-Farrell
Sue Labelle
Ronald and Suzanne Lafferty*
Lake and Shore Campground
Vincent Lamanna, Jr.*
Aisha Landreville
Joseph and Loretta Lang*
Ben Langbein
Megan Langhoff
Rick LaRose
Dartagnan Lassard
Daniel and Heather Latta
Wendy Lauch
Mary Lauko
Michael Lawrysh
Matt Lawton
Peyton, Emmett, Ellie & Parker Layden
Jerry Layefsky
Diane Lee-Smith
Chad Leid
Greg and Tracy Leitzel
Molly Lemke
Kathy Lencsak
Frank Lenik
Jeremy Lennon
Meg Lennon
Theresa Leonard
Ryan and Samantha Leonard
Kara Leslie
Lauren Letizia
Jon and Mary LeVeen*
Amanda Lewis
Alex and Lexi Lin
Ruth Lind
James and Gloria Lipovsky
Keith and Eleanor Lippmann
Paul and Sandy Loether
Lisa Logue
Meaghan and Sean Londergan
Kim Lowman
Chuck and Stacy Loyle
John and Carolyn Ludlam
Margo Lukens
Brian Luteran
Bill and Jan Lutz
Kevin and Helen Lynn
Joyce Lyons
Walt and Leslie MacDonald
Bob MacFarland*
Carol Macgregor
William MacHose
Marcie Mackolin
Lisa MacLennan
Jacqueline Madden
Louis Magazzu
Ryan Magee
Laura Maguire
Stephanie Maiocco
David Maione
Jim and Beth Malkowski
Glenn and Carol Maloney
Patricia Manchester
Lisa Mandarine
Lorraine Mandell
Karen Mangold
Tara Manne
Julia Manning
Alice March
Fran Marinaro
Maria Marino Mal
Diane and Wayne Markert
David Markowitz
Deborah Markwood
Rhea Markwood
Charles and Ruth Marsden
Melissa Martell
Connie and Tom Martenstein
Robert and Marilyn Martin
Judy Martyak
Christopher Mason
Bradley Massam
Bernard and Susan Master
Terry and Sally Master*
Ed and Mimi Matey
Kimberly and Charles May
Deborah McAnney
Doug and Cheryl McBrearty
Edith McBride
Kathie McByrne
Frank and Ellen McCaney
Greg and Jennifer McClure
Scott McConnell
Geri McConville
Patricia McCormack
Joe and Terry McCormick
Kristie McCourt
Patrick and Linda McCrone*
Susan McCullin
James McDermott
Bernard McGorrey III
Seamus McGroary
Theresa McGuire
Lisa McHugh
Beth McKinney
Morgan McKinney
Ryan McLaughlin
Patrick and Kate McMahon
W. Scott and Rebecca McMullan
Mary McMullin
John and Ann McNeil
Julie McNulty
Brian and Keirsten McPherson
Jeff Medio
M. Meek
Dani Meeker
Elizabeth Mendel
Robert Metry
Michael Family*
Harry Middleton
Craig Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Harrison Miller*
John and Linda Miller
Rachel Miller
Sherrie Miller
Mark Mitro
Linda Mohollen
Christina and Tom Mohrman
Kriss Moir
Jane Molt
Matthew Monformoso
Patrick Monroe
Terri Lynn Monroe
Chris and Megan Moore
Jessie Moore
Richard and Lynn Moran
Katie Morrison
Lori Morrow
Michael Mowbray
Michael and Patricia Mowrey*
Barbara Moyer
Montgomery Mozer
James and Janice Murdough*
Brian Murphy
Marc and Susan Murphy
Kathyann Natkie
Lynn Nec
Jack and Kim Nellenbach
Richard and Marta Nelson
Network for Good
Sandy Neufeld
Catherine Newshel
Sarah Newton
Jessica Nichols
Pat Nick*
Daniel and Genevieve Nickischer
Carlin Nixon
Bernadette Nolan
Susan Nolan
Jackie and Tom Noll
Ariel Norbeck
Andy and Kathy Nusbickel
Paul and Beth Nyhus
Jenna O'Brien
Maureen O'Connor
Patricia O'Donnell
Phil and Erin O'Donnell
Chuck and Cheryl O'Hara*
David and Denise Ohman
Dawn O'Neil
Meghan Opp
Mary Oram
Tom and Stacey Oropeza


Tom and Mercy O'Rourke
Kel O'Shea
Eric and Nicole Ozawa
Richard Pagano
Maryellen Paget
Bonnie Paine
Mark and Rachel Painter
Palek Family
Meghan Palmer
Zachery and Lori Palombo
Joseph Palumbo
Michael J. Palumbo
Shawn Park
Ryan Parker
Donald and Joan Parlee*
Marya and Carlos Parral*
Chuck Parsons
Cara Pasquala
Monica Pasquinelli
Tammy Ann Pellish
Kayley Perkins
Mary Peterson
Erika Petrozelli
Karen Pflug-Felder
Stacey Phinney
Michelle Piazza
Jim and Linda Picanza
Amanda-Lyn Pierce
Jeff Pierson*
Christina Pittaoulis
Kyle Pixton
Dan and Jennifer Platt
Victor and Marie Plumbo
Beth Poinsett*
James and Chris Polera
Samantha Polis
Amy Porambo-Sweeney
Katharine Porter
Susan Posipanko
Alice and Ned Powell*
John Powell*
Walter and Nancy Powell
Jessica Prahl
Robin Prim
Amber Prusinski
Stan and Jane Pszczolkowski*
Elizbeth Qamar
Brian and Susan Radcliffe*
Barry and Mary Lou Raiser
Vincent Ramunno*
Ward Randall
Brian Rank
Wayne and Pamela Rapine*
William and Cathy Rapp*
Tyler and Samantha Raspat
Adam Rauch
Cindy Rauenzahn
Tricia Reber
Robert and Stephanie Rech
Deborah Reeder*
Ashley Reeves
James, Patricia, and Christopher Reeves
Samantha Register
Robert and Amy Reilly
Cheryl Reitzel
Wendy Renov
Glenn and Tami Rieger
Susan Riepen
Jean Riling
Edward and Linda Rimmer
Ristorante Luciano
Michael Robinson
Sarah Robinson
Patricia Roche
Vincent Roche
Donna Rodgers*
Vincent and Tracy Rogusky
Dwayne and Sarah Rohrer
Maureen and Allen Roman
Peyton Roselli
Laura Ross-Adams
Christine Roth
Mark and Kathy Rothenberger
James and Susan Royles
Joe Rozak*
Joseph Rullo
Joe Russo*
Rutgers University
Natalie Rutman
Michael and Patricia Ryan
Nancy and Candace Ryan
Theresa Rychlak
Matthew and Laura Sabo
James Sacchinelli*
Sandra Salowey
Susan Salvatore
Kirsten Sams
Rodney and Tracey Sandmeyer
Pete, Geri, and Todd Sanfillippo
Joseph Santo
Ashlee Sarkozy
Edward Savage
Geoffrey Schaeffer
Gina Schemel
Karl and Carol Scheuerman
Jack and Rita Schmidt
Lydia Schmidt
Susan Schmidt
Howard and Marcy Schwartz*
Craig and Alyssa Schwizer
Karen Scott
Steven Segal
Cornelia Seidel
Margaret Sekinger
Katie Sellers
Diane Sembello
Karlen Senseny
Anthony and Fay Servedio
Alex Shadmehr
Siddharth Shah
Sally Shakun
Carol Sharick
Monica Sharkey
Sandi Sharpe
Ashley Shea
Kathy Sheridan-Henrie
Debbie Shivley
Mary and Ed Shulde
Maura Siciensky
Deborah Silver
Gwyer Sinclair
Courtney Singer
Elizabeth Skedzielewski
Patricia Slesinski
Kevin Smallwood
Art and Joanne Smith
Brittany Smith
Kelli Smith
Lori Smith
Benjamin Smood
Tom and Kathy Smyth
Laura Snow
Nanine Soden
Gussie Solis
Janice Sollazzo
Rich Solomon
Leon and Gail Sopuch*
Daniil Sosonkin
Bernie and Lauren Sousa and Family
Kathleen Spaeth
Lynda Spear
Rachael Sposato
Judith and William Stagg*
Janet Staneruck
Alex and Kelly Stark
Ashley Steelman
Jamie Steiert
Eric and Ruth Steinhauer
Cindy Steven
Meredith Stewart
Amy Stewart-Wilmarth
Judie and Bruce Stichler*
Robin and Robert Stiles
Danny Stilwell
Scott and Nikki Stollery
Nancy Storer
Tracy Straubmuller*
Stef Stroble*
Sue Stroz
Craig Stump
Julie Stump
John Suchorsky
Richard and Maryanne Sullivan
David and Regina Surdam
Scott and Angela Suscovich
Peg Sutton
Robert and Susan Sutton
Norm and Mary Swanson
Susan Swanson
Robert Sweigart
Paul and Judith Switaj
Charlie Szoradi
Louise Tabasso
Cindy and Joseph Taglienti
Talone Family
James Tartala*
Lauren Tassone
Jody Tatum
Carolyn Taylor
Lee and Carol Taylor
James and Jill Terranova
James Thatcher*
Karen Thompson
Kelly Tiffan
Marie and Mary Tighe
Liz Tilghman
Julie Todaro
Amanda and Josh Tolman
Leslie Toolan
Ruth Traber*
Marilyn Tracey
Harry Tregear
Amy Tressler
Joseph Tricarico
Trio North Wildwood
Ken and Kristen Trombetta
Paula Trongone
Paul and Liz Troy
Sue and Dave Trumbetta
Mary Jane Tucker
Sean Tucker
Thomas and Irene Tucker
Laura and Dave Tully
Ruthann Turley*
Kirby Turner
Ollie and Trina Twist
Bill Tyler
Melissa Underhill
Charles and Anne Valentine*
Jane Van Derzee
Jamie Vance
Annette Vanore
Sue Vatnick
Carol Veneziale
Stephanie Vernacchio
Stacey Villano
Bob and Jean Vogel
Dante and Kelly Volpe
Kevin Walker
Maryann Walker
Gen Wallace-Roe
CJ Walsh
Susan Walton*
Erik Wanberg
John and Joann Warner
Cayenne Warren
Lauren Waters
David Watson
Amy Waugh
Joyce Ann Waugh
John and Catherine Weaver
Chasity Weber
David and Debbie Webster*
Kathleen Weidner
Rick Weiman
Pamela Weir
Tim and Sharon Weiss
Jessica Wells
Charles and Leslie Wentz
Richard Westergaard*
Heather Wetzler
William Wheaton
Patricia Whitaker
Michael White
Elizabeth Whitesell
Jean Whitman
Daniele Whittaker
Elissa Wierman
Valerie Wiess
Steven and Joann Willats
Tracey Williamson
Sue Wilson
Carol Winters
Susan Wolford
Susan Wood
Karin Wren*
Sue Wyble
Tom and Linda Yoder
Carol Yoskowitz
Donald Yost
Yvette's Cafe & Deli
Melissa Zahler
Alycia Zaleski
Lisa and Michael Zane
Hailey Zangara
Stephen and Suzanne Zapf
Jennifer Zendek
Ashley Ziegler
Rodney and Janis Zimmers
Shari Zirlin
Martha Ziskind
Nancy Zoeltsch*

Donations in Honor of

Stewart Campbell
Devin Griffiths
Barry and Lois Hamilton
Owen Hoffman
Barbara Lacey
Amarilice Lefton
Tara Desmond Lenz and Bill Hutchinson
Margaret McAllister

Anne and Wayne Parker
Kate Parker
Jennifer and David Pisani
Steve Ryan
Fay Servedio
John Shamlian
William C. Yoh

Donations in Memory of

Lee Amigh
Gia Baxter
Richard Bold
Louis T. Braca, Jr.
Jean H. Bussell
Lt. Perry Capiak
Harry Casey
John Conway
Doug Cribbs
Mary Jo and Frank Dennis
John and Roberta “Bert” DeVries
Nicholas C. Edelman, Jr.
Lew Ferguson
Wayne T. Forehand

Emily C. Goldner
Gary Gretsky
Kerry Michael Guerrero
Ann Gundry
J. Robert Herd
Bob Hoffman
Ryan Kemble
Janet Herd Kirch
Andrew Kousmine
Frances Lastowka
Elizabeth Hays Lockbaum
Harold E. Long, Jr.
Chris Long
Justin McCaffery

Hugh J. McFadden, Jr.
Joan Trotter Narrigan
John D. Ohls
Betty O'Toole
Bridget Bachmann Park
Thomas G. Pfeiffer
Doris Raker
Tim Richmond
Nancy and Sam Roberts
Philomena Tedesco
Stephen J. Triolo
Holly Hoch Tyson
Dante Volpe
Bill Weimar