Marsh at sunsetHaving been a member of The Wetland’s Institute for over fifteen years, I decided to include The Wetlands Institute in my estate planning. The natural world of the shore is both enjoyable and important to me.

As a young child, I loved being outside! Nature was a big part of my life. My grandmother could catch a fly in flight and would say “We have to put this fly outside because it is part of nature’s big plan.”

I bought a small house in Stone Harbor in 1998. My heart bursts with gratitude for my little home. While there I walk to the beach as often as possible. It’s paradise. I am so thankful for The Wetlands Institute. With every visit I learn something new. The staff and volunteers are superb. Their dedication to education, research and conservation is so evident. Through tireless efforts, they encourage humanity to blend, to coexist with nature’s fragile web.

I have never been able to catch a fly like my grandmother, but I can be a small part of the Herbert Mills Legacy Society and be proud of that. As a mother and grandmother, I want the Institute to be an ongoing part of my family’s life and continue their work which benefits us all.

– Evelyn Rider, Herbert Mills Legacy Society Member