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Thank you!

The Wetlands Institute depends on the generosity of our donors to promote appreciation, understanding, and stewardship of coastal and wetland ecosystems. This support is pivotal in helping us sustain and expand our programs in research, conservation, and education. Thank you for partnering with us!

Legacy Society

Recognizing all of our friends who have included us in their estate plans, past and present.

Jim and Lee Amigh
Ruth H. Berry
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Cuthbert
Dr. Constance Dent
Jane Dent
John and Roberta DeVries
Richard and Barbara Eckhardt
John Flynn and Kathleen Hocevar
Anne Galli
Marion Glaspey
Barry and Peggy Grass
Stephen and Mary Ann Gring
Lois and Barry Hamilton
Maxine G. Haneman
Lee and Nicky Harp
Michael and Deborah Hays
Bob and Sally Herd
Holly Hummel
C. Blair Ives Jr. and Lynne Grove Ives
Anita LaPlaca
Joseph E. LaVance, Jr.

Bill and Janis McCracken
Mary Millar
Harriet Monshaw
Mrs. L.H. Moretzsohn
Gerald and Michelle Mulkeen
Fay J. Oxenreider
Charles and Gail Poliero
Jane Rakestraw
Wayne and Kay Renneisen
Evelyn A. Rider
Sam and Nancy Roberts, Sr.
Joyce A. Robinson
Donna and Craig Rothman
Jim and Barbara Summers
Robert and Susan Tafel
Lenore P. Tedesco
Philip and Amy Welsh
Albert E. Wood, PhD
Harold (Spike) Yoh, Jr.
Jennifer (Jacobs) Zeigler

2020 Donors

We wish to acknowledge all those who supported our mission throughout 2020.
♦ Endowment 2020          ◊ Herbert Mills Legacy Society          * Loyalty Society

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Arctos Foundation
Bill and Rosemary Hankowsky♦
The Leff Family Foundation♦
Margaret McAllister and Erik Hirsch♦
Will and Jennie Wermuth♦

$25,000 to $49,999

Davenport Family Foundation
Roberta DeVries♦◊*
Barry and Lois Hamilton♦◊*
Mary Millar♦◊*
Hank and Julie Schellenger♦*
Ward Family Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999

Ray and Ellen Burke*
Anne Galli♦◊*
Susan Handy♦*
Michael and Deborah Hays♦◊*
The Larry L. Luing Family Foundation
Jim and Jeannie Morris
Harold and Nancy O'Connor♦


PSEG Services Corporation*
Wayne and Kay Renneisen♦◊*
Jim and Barbara Summers◊*
Jeri Svanda
Samuel Vrooman and Denise Cifelli*
Harold (Spike) Yoh, Jr.◊*

$5,000 to $9,999

Jeffrey H. and Lee Alderton♦
Charlie and Wendi Chase
Tim and Rose Clay♦
Joan Galli♦*
Glenmede Trust Co, NA
Lee and Nicky Harp◊*
High Hopes Farm of West Grove, LLC
The Jennifer Corzine Foundation
John Lazarich Foundation*
Tom and Candy Kurlak
Linda and Abe Littenberg


Kevin and Trisha Luing
M&T Bank
John Millar and Rault Kehlor
Julian and Betsy Miraglia♦*
RJ Soens Group
Chip and Nancy Roach*
Sturdy Savings Bank*
Steuart and Linda Thomsen
Wakefern Food Corporation/Shoprite
Laura Wilson and Mark Menting

$2,500 to $4,999

Marie Boylan and Jeffrey Freedman
Kim Boylan
The David Nation/Susan Wilcox Family Fund
John Flynn and Kathe Hocevar♦◊*
Glenn Insurance*
Lang Rogers Family Foundation
Dorothy Linvill-Neal
Terry and Betty McCabe*
Tom and Diane McMeekin♦
Matt and Gina Mozitis
Melissa Nase and Jason Horner
Jim and Diane Quinn*


Jane Rakestraw◊*
Tim and Cindy Roach*
Stone Harbor Marina
William Studt and Susan Frey
John and Amy Swanson
Roy and Susan Tedesco
Sam and JoAnn Thomas
Jon Tullis and Jeanette Newman
The Washington Inn♦*
Philip and Amy Welsh◊*
Roz Williams*
Jennifer (Jacobs) Zeigler♦◊*

$1,000 to $2,499

1830 Family Foundation
7 Mile Publishing and Creative, LLC
John Alkire and Family
Jim Amigh◊*
Avalon Honda
The Boland Investment Group of
    RBC Wealth Management
Andy, Sana, and Stewart Brooks*
Brown & Brown of New Jersey, Inc.
Bryn Mawr Trust
Philip and Lisa Buckingham
Concentus Wealth Advisors
Perry and Diane Conte
Leslie Convey
Marge Corson*
Dave and Mickey Coskey
Crosscountry Mortgage
Tom and Maggie DeVita
John and Dottie Dewey♦
Paul and Anne Disdier and Family*
Jim Donohue and Carol Mager*
Dennis Dutton*
EarthShare of New Jersey*


Jim and Nancy Faulk
Lew and Joyce Ferguson*
Fiduciary Trust International
Fitzpatrick, Bongiovanni & Kelly, PC*
Cameron and Diane Fowler*
Stuart and Rhoda Friedman
Gary and Nancy Gallagher
Tom and Mary Grein
Stephen and Mary Ann Gring◊*
Hafetz & Associates
Halliday Financial
Karl Hausker and Katie McGinty
Hays Sheet Metal, Inc.*
Carol Hemrick
Michael and Ann Henahan*
Cole and Diane Henry*
Andrew and Janet
Ingrahm Dwyer
The Jennifer Foundation
Linda Keil*
Dan and Rebecca Magee
Michael and Teresa Mallon*
John Mazzo*


Jim and Hannah Miller*
Stephen Miller*
OceanFirst Foundation
Beth Onofri
Howard and Mary Panitch
Donald and Joan Parlee*
John and Rachel Paz
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts
Robert Pisani
RCTV Productions
Vickie Rosskam
Chris and Dawn Ryan
Laurene and Bill Ryan
Ron and Elaine Sandmeyer*
John and Jana Scarpa
Janney Montgomery Scott
Steve and Anne Simms
Lenore Tedesco and Nancy Fribley◊
Virginia F.C. Batchelder Foundation
John and Amy Williams
Tim and Stephanie Wintrode
Ron and Ruth Workman*
Yacht Club Of Stone Harbor

$500 to $999

Bob and Joyce Asher*
Mark Attmore
Sharon Bojcik
Jim and Beth Carll
Circle Liquor
Joseph and Jeannie Colalillo*
John Craney
Patti DiMarco
Jan Dougherty*
Marybeth Dsouza
I.S. and Tita Eberly*
Therese Esperdy and Robert Neborak
Lisa Ferguson
Ritson and Julie Ferguson
Joe and Donna Ferrier
Dale and Leslie Florio
Terry and Lynn Fortino
Foster-Karney Foundation Fund
Bill and Linda Furge
Mike and Dot Green
Harbor Outfitters
Graysha Harris*
Mary Louise Hartman*


Christine and George Henisee
Harry and Louise Hill*
Holly Hummel◊
Gwyn and Irv Hurd
Mary Beth Hurley*
Wes and Trish Irvin
Jackson Family Wines
Peter and Kathleen Jespersen
John and Marie Cwik
Family Foundation
David Juras
Amy Katz
Bill and Kimberly Kirkpatrick
Kelly Kleinhandler
Laura Kunewa
Joyce Kunkle
Helen Kushla
Jim and Ann Lim
Chris and Lauren Long
Andy and Roxanne Majka*
Dave and Val McClung
Hugh and Diana McFadden*
John and Lisa McNichol


Jeff and Sharon Meeker
Donald Miller
L.S. Moretzsohn*
Christopher Morris
Mike and Lisa Munroe
Opera Wine Imports, LLC
Peter Pfeiffer
Scott and Lorraine Reese
Liz Rita
Catherine Ruhling
John and Marcia Scheflen
Heidi Setz-Kelly and Peter Kelly*
Shirt Shack
Charlene Smith and Richard Pike*
Tim and Kristen Stout*
Paul and Michele Thompson
Ferdinand and Elizabeth Thun
Ashley Tobin*
Susan and Dirk van de Bunt
Dale Wannen
Jim and Dale Watson
Fred and Carolyn Wood*
Brett and Jenna Yeager

$250 to $499

Across the Way
Scott and Stacy Arra*
Pete and Bonnie Ault*
Anne Bazik
Lorraine Benedict
Linda Berndt
Barbara Biller
Eugene and Joan Bissell
John and Susan Bobinyec
Paul Boyd
Beth and Richard Brake*
Darryl Breniser
Kenny Brown*
Christopher and Patricia Brown*
Audrey Buckingham*
Bob and Linda Bugden*
David and Emma Byrne
Stew and Terrie Campbell*
Suzanne Caparso
Cape May Winery
Bob and Nancy Charamella
Chemglass Life Sciences, LLC
Brian and Julie Clements
John and Gloria Corrado
Osman and Edith Corson*
John and Judy Curtis
John and Muriel Cuthbert*
Brenda and Bob Dale
Russell and Jessica Deighton
Joseph and April Denny*
John Dolven
Stephen and Roseanne Duzinski
John Fabiano
Elaine Faulkner
Donna Ferraioli
Benjamin and Stephanie Frick*
Russ Furnari
Rod and Pam Gagne
Jim and Mantura Gallagher
Robert and Mary Garrett*
Jack and Jennifer Gensemer
Paul and Kathy Gonsalves
Rae and Devin Griffiths
Claire Hanna
Spencer Harman
Leo and Stacey Hemlers


The Hodges Family Foundation*
Robert and Janice Holden
Julie Horowitz
Tim and Aurora Hughes*
Lynne Ives◊*
Bonnie Jack*
Paul Jargowsky and Marie Chevrier
Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program*
Henry and Helen Justi
Bernie and Jo Kelley*
Stephen and Veronica Kepchar*
Betty Lou Kosloski
William and Johanna Kramer
David and Teri Kratz*
Carol Lane*
Roger and Paula Levy
Phyllis Lowe*
Thomas and Andrea Lyons
Larry and Mickey Magid
Steward Maines III
John and Karen Mann
Arthur Mann and Diane Cribbs Mann
Mary Jane Matterness
Scott Matthews
Joseph and Kathy Mattos*
Leonard and Helena Mazur*
Tom McClintic
Mari McLean and Ann James*
Kathleen McNicholas*
Julie Mealo*
Thomas and Georgianna Melzer
Paul and Sharon Millinghausen
Ralph and Esther Milnes
Andy and Lynn Moceri
Holly Moehlmann*
The Moodie Family
Tim and Kelley Murphy
Cassandra Naylor*
Network for Good
Nev-R-Enuf Sportfishing
Chuck Newcomer
Tom and Jennifer O'Brien
Tim and Marianne O'Shaughnessy*
John and Laura Owens
Fay Oxenreider◊
Painting by Pearce
Anne Parker*


Steven Parker
Jan and Mark Pask*
Tony and Mary Petrick*
Kimberly and Daniel Petrillo
Steve and Kris Pfeiffer*
Pine Haven Camping Resort
Judy Potter
Janice Pruch
Joel and Sarah Quast
Thomas and Maria Reynolds
Evelyn Rider◊*
John and Ruth Rosser*
Joe and Kathy Ruyak
Gerald Savitz
Stephen and Jeanne Schlussel
Katie Sellers
John and Catherine Shamlian
Shoprite of Hunterdon County, Inc.
Skimmer Tours, LLC
Barry and Sandy Slabik*
Alisha Slye
Eileen Smalfus*
John and Patti Staley*
Lauren Stienes
Bill and Cheryl Struble
Neil Sumilas
David and Regina Surdam
Robert and Susan Tafel◊*
Edward Taggart
Phyllis Tedesco
Patrick Tewksbury
Len and Liz Trainor
Blair and Candis Trogner
Miles and Judy Truesdell*
Francis and Alicia Van Kirk
Beth and Dante Volpe
Kenneth and Carol Walck*
Chuck and Carol Walsh*
Joe and Jolly Waterman
Mike and Susan Weed*
Charles and Linda Whitman*
Ted and Jasmine Williams
Tim Wilmott and Anastasia Barna
Nancy Wood*
Barbara Wyke

$100 to $249

Arianna Aarons
Richard and Linda Adams*
Nedra and Matthew Adelizzi
Pat Agger*
William Ahmer
Gwendoline Alexander*
Alex's Stone Harbor Market
Harry and Pat Allex
Eric and Kellyanne Andruczyk
Jim Angley
Aon Service Corporation
Kristen Appollina
Atlantic Telecom*
Zachary Baer
Aaron Baer
William and Martha Bair*
Paul Barbin
Pat and Marianne Baumann*
Pat Begley
Helga and Cyrus Behroozi
Margaret Bennett
Robert and Marie Benz
Jeanie Berry
Jim Betz
Teresa M. Bielinski
Lynn Biggart
Kathy Biglin
Wally and Patty Bishop*
Andrew Blair, Ph.D.*
Charles and Barbara Blake
John and Susan Blevins
Brian Borak*
Lynn Bowlby
David and Patricia Boyer
Raymond and Patricia Brace*
Leslie Branda*
David and Dottie Brennan
Greg Brown
Ashley Brown
Emily Brown
Susan Browne
Bullfrog Films, Inc.
Raymond Byrd
Kevin and Peggy Cadigan
Christopher Cahill
John and Carol Calsin
Julie Cameron
John Canoles
David and Ruth Capuzzi
Bill Carney*
Michael and Kathleen Caulfield
Joan Cavalier*
Benjamin and JoAnne Ceballos
Kathleen Chancler and Richard McMonigle
Roy and Nancy Chin
Gina Ciccotelli-Christino
Ray Classen
Chandler Clay
Marlene Clayton*
Kevin and Lisa Clayton
Steve and Carolyn Cloetingh*
Corbin and Lynda Cogswell
Thomas Coleman
John and Jacqueline Connor*
Megan Coolidge
Phil Cooper
Andrea Corbley
Julie Cressman
Terrie Cwik*
Rick and Joan Czerwin
The Dana Foundation
Sandra Dane
Stephen D'Angelo
James and Sallie Davis*
Robert and Trude Day*
Lynn Day*
Kim Decosmo
Natalie Depalma
Diane Detwiler*
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Sydney Devine
Joanna DiCiurcio
Dale and Susan Dietz
Jeff Dix
Joe Dolcini
Robert and Kate Doms
Marlynn Donaldson
Bob and Lisa Donaldson
Alfred Driscoll*
Bret and Celeste Dunlap
Gina Dunn
Lee Eberly*
Wendy Eisenhofer
Linda Emr
Louis and Nina Eni
Linda Everett
Evergreen Environmental
Bill and Pat Eyster
Donna Fairley
Cheri Fandozzi
Rose Faralli and Michael Stein
Katherine Farrah
Emily Fay
Rick Fehling
Scott Ferguson and Christina Davilas
Ferguson-Dechert Real Estate, Inc.*
Kristin Ferriter and Family
Joe and Laurie Fialkowski
Lorraine Filter
Mary Findlay
Ernie Fink
Michael and Faith Fiocco
Denise Fitzpatrick
Karen Flynn
Barbara Fondi
Alan Ford and Elaine M. Braccio*
Joseph and Elizabeth Fortino
Francis Forwood
Terry and Lawrence Frangiosa*
Dick Frank*
Phyllis French
Fran, Dan, Katie and Jake Friel
Ann Frost
Marlene Galdi
John Gallagher
Peggy Gallagher
Sara and James Garonzik
Patty Garretson
GE Foundation
Pete and Patti Geiss
John Gfrorer
Mike and Eileen Gilligan
Joyce Gitin
Julian and Irene Gladstone*
John and Suzanne Glomb


Mary Goldner
Chip and Paula Gowen
Jennifer Graham
Marita Green*
Stephen and Donna Greenlee
Patricia Greenwood*
Carole Griffiths
Donna Groskoph
Jonathan Grossberg
Grosso Family*
Joe and Melissa Gullo
Jenifer Haines
Eileen and Joe Halko
Robert and Amy Hall*
John and Cecelia Hallinan*
Greg Hamilton and Debbie Hafft Hamilton
Melanine and Elizabeth Hannon
Walter Hansen
Michelle Hanway
Bob and Karen Harbeson
George and Nancy Hassel*
John and Pat Hayden*
Sam Hayes
Jurate Hayes
Darlene Hazzard
Philip Heck
John Heidenry
Don and Valerie Henry
Mary Hentschel*
John Herd II*
Danielle Herrman
Charles and Judy Heuisler*
Peg Hinterleiter*
Jill Hoffmann
Jennifer Holland
Timothy Horan
Paul and Adrienne Horger
Tim and Ginny Horn*
Herb and Maryann Hornsby
Helen Hovdesven
L M G Howard
Henry and Heather Huffnagle
Roe Hufner
Sandra Hughes
Sonya Hulbert*
Bob and Mary Beth Humbert
George and Cheryl Hummel*
Mary Jane Hurley
William Hutchinson
Island Breeze Casino
Joseph and Anne Jacovini
Helen Jennings
Ken and Barbara Johnston*
Judith Johnston*
Tac and Melinda Justi
Rona Kaplan
Frank Karovic
Hazel Kavle
Bill and Mary Kay
Jack Kelly
Kathleen Kerr
Jim and Allision Kerr
Thomas and Eileen Killion
Rick and Lizann Killmeyer*
Connie Kindler
Julie and Kara Kircher
James and Marie Koegel*
Catherine Koning
Chris and Ashley Kopp
Laura Kousmine
Bev Kovacs
Mitchell and Eileen Kowal*
Karen Koziara
Charles and Lynn Kramer
Larry and Bonnie Kratzer
Kellie Krause
Helen Kroh
Joanne Kubacke
Edward Kurek
Susan and Skip Lane*
William and Charlotte Lansinger*
Ken and Molly Lawrence
Michael Lawrysh
Sue Lee
Diane Lee-Smith
Bill and Carole Lehman
Leiki Boardshort Co.
The Leiser Group
Ronnie Lemler
Sage Leonard
Marilyn Lewis
Lincoln Financial Foundation
James and Gloria Lipovsky
Carolann Littzi
Joseph and Joann Loeper*
Paul and Sandy Loether
Bruce Loversidge and Marylou Schmidt
Martin and Mary Lukacs*
Bob and Gail MacFarland*
Kirk and Phyllis Manhardt and Family
Bucky Mansuy
Thomas Markle
Elizabeth Martin
Terry and Sally Master*
Lynn Matthews*
Ed May, Jr.*
Liz Mayer
Jay and Nancy Mayes*
Anne McCord
Suzanne McGowan*
Charlie McKee
Fay McManus
Nora Mena
Chip and Mary Jane Menz
Colleen Menz
Meg Mercado
David and Eileen Merlin
Loretta and Joanne Mestishen
Allen and Elizabeth Meyer
George and Virginia Michelin
Joan Monahan
Hugo and Linda Monformoso*
Kimberly Mora
William Moses
Daniel and Cecelia Mowday*
Michael and Patricia Mowrey*
Andrew Moyad
John Moyer
Lisa Mufalli
Nora Muller
Nace and Regina Mullin
Rachelle Munic
Mike and Siobhan Murphy
Nikki Murray
Joan Murray*


Stephen Myrow
Joan Narrigan*
Joel and Carla Neigh
Jack and Kim Nellenbach
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Andy and Kathy Nusbickel
Sallie Oberg
Ocean City Free Public Library
Jackie Ohls
Ira and Joyce Orchin
Adolf Paier and Geraldine S. Paier Qpr Trust*
Janet Palmerchuck*
Bernadette Park
Amanda Parker
Gabriel and Rose Marie Pascuzzi*
Al and Janet Pauzano
Sanjay and Nora Pawar
Patricia Payne*
Davis Pearson*
Michael Pearson
Stacey Pellegrini
James and Barbara Penders*
Anthony and Jody Pepenella
Edith Perry
Dick Pike*
Cynthia Pisciotta
Victor and Marie Plumbo
Stephen Popowski
Stephanie Prevost and Declan and Zoey Kellogg
Jane Prinski
Anna Rakoczy
William and Cathy Rapp*
Kim and Bob Raymond
Jon and Linda Ready
John and Denise Rech
Peter and Marilyn Reina and Family*
Brian and Mary Reynolds*
Edwin and Rebecca Reynolds
R.J. and Anne Marie Riethmiller*
Linda Rigell
Jean Riling
Eleanor Ritchie*
Russell Rittler
Nancy Roberts◊
Len and Ann Robinowitz
Lee Robinson*
Edwin and Betsy Roland
Avery Rome
Tim Ross
Philip and Patricia Rowland*
William and Lynn Russell
Peter Ruth
Philip and Joan Ryan
Neva Sachar
Katherine Sahm
Salty Saltiel
Ferd and Molly Sauereisen*
Jim and Gena Scanlan
Christina Schiavone
Joe and Leslie Schneid
Peter and Bonnie Schorsch
Elva Schuler*
Howard and Marcy Schwartz
Ryan Schwarz
Louis and Cynthia Schweickhardt*
Nancy Semon
Marcus and Mary Sheridan
Patti Shields
Bill Sibson, Jr.
Gary and Monique Silvi
Scott and Gloria Smith
Shannon Snow and David Fielder
Dave Sole
Joe and Pat Sparano
Linda Spinelli
Tom and Judi Sprague
Dayalan Srinivasan
Monique St. John
Rod Steele
Robert & Barbara Stewart
William and Kelly Stiles
Joe and Helen Stiskal
Peter and Patti Stokes
Stewart Stroble
Sue Stroz
Christopher and Samantha Sullivan
Joel and Susan Swanson
Ms. Swanson Swanson
Eric and Susan Swanson
Vincent Tague
Patti Tanzi
Laurie Tavan
John Taylor
Patricia Thompson
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans*
John and Abby Tierney
Jennifer Tiffany
Amanda and Josh Tolman
Michael Toner
Sue Trumbetta and Dave Montanye
Ali Trunzo
John and Kathy Tunnell*
Bob Turkelson*
Mark and Mary Van Kooy
David and Sharon Van Niel
Norm and Suzy Veasey*
Rita Veit
Michael and Mari Veneziano*
Michael and Georgia Villani
Bob and Jean Vogel
Gary and Nancy Vogt
Lawrence and Priscilla Walsky
Lindsey Watson McCatthy
Judy Weaver
Sharon Weimar
Jeremy Diane Weiner
Charles Weinstein
Stock Weinstock-Collins and Beth Graybill
Karen and Stephen Weis
Elaine Whitaker
Ann Whitman
Robert and Andrea Whitton
Kelley Widerman
John and Susan Willett
Sarah Wilmot
Kay Witwer Livingston*
Robert and Dorothy Wolf
Charles and Susan Wolfe
Jeremy and Michele Wright
Rosario and Sheryl Zappala
Peter Zelov
Martha Ziskind
Greg and Paula Zollner
Louis and Doris Zucc

Up to $99

Margery Abel
Heda Adams
Richard and Wanda Adamson
Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Sharon Agin
Sindy Agudelo-Nelson and Aaron Nelson
Maureen Ahern
Chip and Lori Amos*
Elaine Amoss
Melanie Anderson
June Appleton*
David and Frances Arvan
Wanda and Judith Ashbrook
Mike and Paula Augustine
Jeremy and Jenna Avellino
Bob and Diana Bachmann
Charles and Louise Baker
James and Lorie Baker
Bob Bamberger, Jr.
Mike and Joan Barminski
Marlene Barnhart
Carolkay Barre*
Pearl Bartelt
Richard and Connie Bashore
Anna and Rick Baumgartner
Paul Bender
Benevity, Inc.
Morgan Bensel
Jacqueline Berger and Marc LaGuardia*
Harper Berman
Christopher and Donna Biddle
Ms. Biglin Biglin
Maureen Blair*
Sarah Blizzard
David and Susan Bodine
Sandra Bogert
Jim and Debbie Bolognese
Christine Boone and Dan Bard
Mark and Marie Borak
Diane Bosak
Carol and Kirsten Bostrom
Francy Bowen
Christina Bozarth and Chris Saporito
Martin Bradley
Frederica Braithwaite
Liliana Branquinho and Clark Lagemann
Jayne-Dawn Brautigam
Mary Bridgeman
Barbara Brinkman
Russell Broad
Tom Brojakowski and Amanda E. Flynn
Kelly Bronzini
Seth Brown
Dan and Eileen Brown
Barbara and Kathryn Brunner*
Benjamin and Jennifer Brusca
Harriet Burg*
Eric and Arlene Burgess
Ted and Carri Burke
Fran and Heather Burns
Chris and Pat Buziak
Susan Byer*
Rob and Maureen Campbell
James and Ellen Campbell
Bridget Cannon
Mary Capaldi*
Chris Caran
Darrell and Deborah Card
Candace Cardimon
John Carenza
Nelson and Grace Carey
Jerome and Judith Casciani*
Barbara Casey and Shannon Zimolong
Ed and Laura Caterson*
Mark Caulder and Nicole Lockhart
John and Teresa Cavenagh
Amy and Steve Charendoff
Monica Chasten
Michael Chiola
John and Jane Ann Chopack
Sandra Christos*
Maryann Cisiewicz
Heather Clark and Joseph Quinn
Dorothy Classen
Aaron and Krista Clauser
Amber Close and Thomas K. Albright
Neil and Dana Cohen
Catherine Colby
Dennis and Geraldine Colgan*
Christine Collins
Diana Comerford*
Katherine Comfort
Matt and Susan Connelly
Laura Conner
Darcy Connor
George and Barbara Connors*
Wayne and Sue Conrad
Ralph Cooper
Melanie Copenhaver
Betty Corcoran
Sarah Cornblath and Brian Weiner
David and Karen Cote
Bonnie Cotten
John Couch
Nick and Melissa Crawford
Michael Criscuolo
Don and Patricia Crist
William Cross
Kaela Cuchetto
Miriam Cunningham
Tracy and Daniel Curcio
Patricia Currie
Drew Czarnik and Devonna George
Robert D`Egidio
Michele Damon
Clif and Shirley Daniels
Suzanne Davis
Ken and Nancy Davis
Roberta and David Dean*
Carol DeArmitt
Jules and Maggi Debaecke
Jamie and Lisa DeFelice
Jonathan and Jacklyn Degraff-Cipriani
Ron Della Penna*
Paul and Carolyn DeLong
Joe Deluca
Adam Denish
Vince and Jessica Denno
June Detwiler*
Chris and Kate Devaney
Mike and Joan Devine
Ray DiGrazia and Linda Trongone*
Ed and Eileen Dion
Denise Doherty
Dominion Energy
Lynda Donovan
Ed and Kathy Donovan
Gemma Downham
Brendan Doyle
Jonathon and Sharon Doyle
Bryan Drey
Thomas and Carolee Drinkard
Paul and Sharon Driscoll
Joanne Driscoll*
Mario and Miranda Duca
Nicole Duffy
Maggie Dugan
Brian and Judee Dunn*
David and Karen Dunn*
Dan Dunn*
Michael and Linda Dunne
Phil and Karen Earley
Tanya Ebling
Mark and Kelly Eckert
Fred and Karen Edelstein
Thomas Egan II*
Bob and Judy Elder
Joanne Elliott*
Paul Emmart
Gordon and Eleanor Engel*
Lizzy Facciolo
Jeff and Lynn Fackler
Virginia Fallon and Family
Lynnne Falterbauer
Barbara Farrell
Carol Ferguson
Jeanine Ferrick
Roberta Ferro*
Barbara Figgins
Margie Finamore
Loretta Finnegan*
Susan Fiori
Natalie Fisher
Tim, Erin, Grace and Connor Fitzgerald
Daniel and Sara Flannery
Robert Fleck*
Pam and John Flippin
William Flounders
Regina Flynn-Roth
Elyse Focht*
Wini Ford Kraft
Christopher Fowler*
Mark and Sally Frazza*
Barbara Friday
William and Patricia Fritz
Mark and Annette Fulton
Kimberly Fulton
Donald and Janet Furmanski*
Clare Furmanski*
Stephen and Monica Gagliano
James and Kathy Gallagher
Suzie Gallagher
Phil and Mary Galperin
Matthew Garamone and Adrienne Booth
Stephanie Gardner
Alexandra Garove
Bill and Helen Geimeier
Bob and Charlotte George
Todd and Joann Gilbert*
Anne-Marie Gillesberg
John and Connie Gillespie
Al and Carol Giordano
Bob and Bonnie Girard*
Giving Assistant
James and Jane Gleason
John and Diane Gobeil
Jake Godshall
Susan and Duane Godshall
Larry and Micki Goldberg*
Cy and Cathy Goldberg
Barbara Golla
Henry and Marion Gorelick*
Ryan and Christine Gotwols
Carl and Catherine Graf
Gray Family
Greenwald Family
Richard Grenier*
Joe and Bethann Griesser
The Griffith Family
Betsy Griffith-Smith
Aimee Grimes
Janine Grimm
Gerald and Marge Grimmer
Doug and Barbara Groff
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
Katie Guerra
David Guest
Mary Guest
Nora Guszkowski
Mary Gutshall*
Greg Haines
Chris and Lee Hajduk*
Jason Hall


Stan and Chris Hall
Kathy Hallamore
William and Joan Hand
Robert and Lorraine Hands
Kenneth Hannum
Susan Hannum
William Harclerode
Jeanette Harijanto
Richard and Susan Harpe
John and Christin Harvey
Cara Hathaway
Betsy Hauck
Warren Hauser*
Paul Hays
Barbara Heard
Donald Heberling
Linda Kay Heckert
William and Louise Heilig
Linda Hendee
Eric and Maura Hendrixson
Ron and Krista Henry
Mary Jo Herr*
Mark and Jennifer Herzhauser
Robert and Mary Lou Hesser
Philip Heyman
Daniel and Nicole Hickey
Janet Hicks
Bonnie Higgins and Thomas Sullivan*
Larry and Dorothy Himmelstein*
John and Patsy Hinkle
Sue Hoffman
Rob Hofstrom
Eric Hohmann
Steve Hoke
Richard and Nan Hood
Maureen Hooven
Kathy and Roger Horn
George Hornsby and Patricia McMillen*
Evelyn Horsfall
Michele Horvath
Peter and Heather Hubbard
Robert Hughes
Doug and Fran Hulette
Monica Hutchinson
Warren and Kathy Hylinski
IBM International Foundation
Anita Impellizeri O'Brien
Chris and Melissa Ingersoll
Henry and Joann Ireland*
Mary Lou Ireton
Leigh and Lenore Isleib
Ming Jang and Ida Liu
Ken Januski and Jerene Schroeder
Maxime and Laura Jeanne
Torrey and Charlie Jenkins
William Jennings
Kim Jesperson
Leor and Karina Jivotovsky
Annie Johnson*
Joyce Johnson*
Lawrence and Jaqueline Jordan*
Marian Jordan
David and Barbara Junkin*
Eileen Kajetzke
William and Judith Kamm
Cory Kantin
Freda Karpf
Sarah Kauterman
Kathryn Kearns
Keenan Family*
Patricia Keener
Hilary Keever and Dani Barnsby
Gretchen Keith
Dave Keith
Nicole Kelley
John and Anne Marie Kelley*
Jayne Kelly
Joseph and Susan Kelly-Dreiss*
Mark and Sarah Kennedy
Richard Kent*
Allison Kent and Lois Ianovale
Demaris and Gontran Kenwood
John and Edwina Kerr
Ted and Sandy Kestner, Jr.
Phyllis Kienz*
Carol Kinzer and Scott Adler
Bob and Carollynne Kirch
Don and Nanette Kirst
James and Kimberly Klein
Allison Klein
Rochelle Klinger
Nancy Knauer
Lindsay Kneas*
James and Maureen Knipp
Jason and Jennifer Knudson
Charles and Sandra Koenig*
Jerry and Marinna Kolaitis
Allison Koller and Miguel Antunes
Al and Teri Koniecki
Kathy Krasley
Nancy Krieger*
Heather Kuczynski
Kristen Kuiken
Jane and Stephen Kunzweiler
Andrew and Lauren Kupiec
Kushi and Co. PC
Brenda Labutis
Ronald and Suzanne Lafferty*
Vincent Lamanna, Jr.*
Joan Lamborne
Cherry Landis
Joseph and Loretta Lang*
Jean Lare
Rick Larose
Claire Lartigue and Brian Aguilar
Faust and Merrily LaScala*
Christopher and Gail Laux*
Louis and Carole Leaff and Family*
Raymond and Joyce Leak*
Ronald Lefferts and Dolores Miller
John and Margaret Leisenring*
Everett Leiti
Greg and Tracy Leitzel
John Lestino and Susan Buffalino
Jon LeVeen and Mary McPherson*
Stephen Levine and Dolores Lashkevich
Travis, Nichole, Mattingly, and Magnolia Lick 
Ellen Linehan
Beverly Linn*
Eleanor Lippmann
Paul and Lorrie Logan
Meaghan Londergan
Anne Lovell*
John Ludlam
Rahulkumar Luhar
Margo Lukens
Thomas and Michele Lynch
Kevin and Helen Lynn
Maureen Lynn
Amanda Lyons
Frank and Susan Macomber
Michael and Katrina Mader
Dylan and Sabra Madsen
Peter Maier
Matt and Renee Makoid
DJ and Kristen Manderachi
Christie Mansor DeLong
Shayna Marchese
Edward, Alice, and Ally Margolis*
Fran Marinaro
Diane and Wayne Markert
Markloff Family*
Marilyn Martin
Helen Mashuda
Dolores Mason
Bradley Massam
Ed and Mimi Matey
Carrie Matthews-Dobrowolski
Sheryl and Jeffrey Mazur
Patrick McAndrew
Hugh and Trina McCauley
Bob McClennen
Leah McClure
Patrick and Linda McCrone
Jansen McDaniel
Jason and Erin McDaniel
Marge McGann
John McGurk
Marylou McHugh
Margaret McKinley
Kevin and Lauren McLaughlin
Mary McManus
Julie McNulty
Tom and Mandy McNulty
Janet McShain
Michelle and Brian McTague
Elizabeth Mendel
Judy Merlin
Joseph and Gloria Meschino
William and Patricia Michael and Family* 
John and Nancy Michalski*
Harry Middleton
Wayne Miller
Tara and Wren Miller
Carole Miller
Harrison Miller*
Tim Miller
Craig Miller
Judith Mills
Herb Mondross
Terri Lynn Monroe
Harriet Monshaw◊*
John and Paula Montana
Gail Moore
Sarah Morchen
Jeff and Jenny Morris*
Jennilyn Morris
Stephen Mottola
Eugene and Rosalie Mulligan
Gina Munir
James and Janice Murdough*
Stacey Murray
Jessica Nealon
Richard and Marta Nelson
Michael and Ashley Nelson
Lewis and Jo Neumann
Peggy Newman
David and Gail Nichols
Pat Nick*
Daniel and Genevieve Nickischer
Gabby Nicoletti
Anna and Christopher Norton
Paul and Beth Nyhus
Terrence O'Donnell and Elise Jacoby
Linda Oates
Phil and Erin O'Donnell
Jason and Elizabeth O'Grady*
Chuck and Cheryl O'Hara*
Karen O'Hern
Anne Oliver
Mercy and Tom Orourke
Nancy Osberg
Doris Owens
Zachery and Lori Palombo
Ameline and Edward Pappas
Marya and Carlos Parral
Connie Pascale*
Deric Peace
Johanna Perez-Shovlin
Susan and Chuck Pescatore
Carolyn Peterson
Ralph and Gail Pfeifer
Leonard and Anna Pfeiffer


Karen Pflug-Felder
Stacey Phinney
Jim and Linda Picanza
Carol Pickford
Jeff Pierson
Dan and Jennifer Platt
Michael Plowman
Andrew Pockl and Natalie Thibault
Elaynee Polentes
James and Chris Polera
Robert and Patsy Polilli
Brian and Celine Polilli
Sarah Pontoski
John and Eileen Post
Barry Pounder
Alice and Ned Powell*
William and Nancy Presnell
Judith Procknow
Angela Prybella
William Quirk*
Brian and Susan Radcliffe*
Daniel Raeder
Doris Raker*
James and Pamela Rampley
L. Vincent Ramunno*
Shannon Randall
David and Jill Ranford*
Wayne and Pamela Rapine*
Charles and Jeri Ratcliffe
Jason and Judith Raub
Alan and Linda Raughley*
Brooke Raup
Sola Raynor
Sean and Andrea Ream
Paula and Azzy Reckess*
Linda Redding
Deborah Reeder*
Phyllis Reger
Sean Reiter
Ginny Renzi Blair
David and Camille Restione
Joe and Joyce Reynolds*
Ed Rhoad
Amanda and Anthony Ricciardi
Tom Ritchie
Thomas Rittenhouse
Justin Roach
Kris Roberts
Rob Robertson and Carolyn Herd Robertson*
Jeanne Robin
Heather Rodale and Shelbi Stoneback
Donna Rodgers*
Terrence and Blair Roman
Rosemary DePetris Foundation
Meghan Ross and Doug Keith
Fivel Rothberg
Mark and Kathy Rothenberger
Dale and Andrea Rothrock*
Mari Rourke-Duffy and Bill Duffy
Jim and Diane Rowley
James and Susan Royles
Joe Rozak*
Joelle Rudnick
Steven Rulon and Laura Enghofer
Jerry and Irene Russin*
Joe Russo*
Rutgers University
Richard and Ellen Ryan
Matthew and Laura Sabo
James Sacchinelli*
Justina Salas
Linda Salitrynski
Matthew and Adrianne Salvitti
Akbar and Sally Samii*
Robert Sanderson
Kevin and Hope Sauppe
Amy Scalise
Janine Schaeffer
Henry Schellenger III
Christina Schiavo
Jeffrey Schnebelen
Christina Schnoor
Robert Schnoor
Joe Schoen, Jr.
Bob and DiDi Scott
Michael and Michelle Scott
Ms. Scott Scott
Gregg Scott*
Richard Scullin
Diane Sembello
Andrew Setz-Kelly
Ellen Seward and Thomas Poussart
Barbara Seyl
Sally Shakun
Sandra Shapiro*
Sandi Sharpe
Ryan and Julie Sheetz
Virginia Shen
Stephanie Shestakow and George R. Federici
Richardson and Betty Shoemaker*
Michael and Theresa Shomberg
Heidi Shrawder
Carl and Susan Shrawder
George Siegle
Deborah Silver
Ellen Simon
Christine Singer
Betsy Smith
Kelli Smith
Art and Joanne Smith
Tom and Kathy Smyth
Gary and Lindy Snader
Nanine Soden
Joel and Jennifer Solomon
Leon and Gail Sopuch*
Stacie Spangler and Chris Coffey
Tim Speller
Greg and Suzanne Spiro
Rachael Sposato
Peggy Stabert and Alan Kaplan
Judith Stagg and William Zumach*
Mark and Dorice Stancher
Janet Starwood
Ray and Pat Staub
Jacqueline Stauffer
Jamie Steck
Eric and Ruth Steinhauer
Eva Stephens
Judie Stichler and Bruce Albert*
Harry and Allison Stokes
Jerry and Kay Stone*
Philip Stonier*
Stef Stroble
April Suk
Susan Sutton
Kara and Kyle Sweet
Paul and Judith Switaj
Ms. Szczepaniak Szczepaniak
Cindy and Joseph Taglienti
David and Eileen Talone and Family
Elsa and Stuart Tanenbaum
James Tartala*
Jody Tatum
Al and Joanne Taubenberger
Carolyn Taylor
Phil and Nancy Tedesco
Leah Tedesco
Bud and Claire Thalman*
James Thatcher*
Karen Thompson
Andrew and Cynthia Thompson
Anna Tierney
Kelly Tiffan
Mark and Barbara Tomlin
Topsail Steamer
Mike and Marty Torpey*
Ruth Traber*
Ed and Faith Treen
Jean Tribulski*
Jan and Terry Troha
Kate Trombello and Family
Paul and Liz Troy
Stephanie Truesdell
Cristine Tsai
Chris Tsiouris, Jr.
Charlene and Robert Tucker
Mary Tumolo
Ruthann Turley*
John and Sarah Turner*
Lise Twiford
Mr. and Mrs. Uhlenburg
Linda Underhill
Charles and Anne Valentine*
Gerda Van De Bunt
Gretchen Van Nuys
Richard and Barbara Vance
Michael and Megan Verzi
Karen Vetter
Mary Vinnacombe
Jack and Laurie Vizzard
Ed and Madge Vogt
Sarah Voight
Susan Vollette
Dante and Kelly Volpe
Kevin Walker
Eugene and Jeannette Walrath
CJ Walsh
Susan Walton*
Cynthia and John Ward and Family
John and Joann Warner
Michael and Sarah Wascura
Lauren Waters
Ted and Sheri Watson
April Weaver
David and Debbie Webster
Pamela Weir
Evan Weisberg
Brandon Wendling
Steven and Sarah Wennik
Richard Westergaard*
Beth Wetzel-Hozey*
Patrick Whelan
Patricia Whitaker
Diane Whitebay
Susan Wiggins
Kitty Wilcox
Wild Images Florida*
Steven and Joann Willats
Claudia Willett
Drake and Sandra Williams*
Alyssa Willson
Barbara Wilson*
Jeff and Heather Witters
Susan Wood
Gail Wood
John and Barbara Woodcock
Laura Woodcock
Jonathan and Mollie Woolley and Family*
Karin Wren*
Aubrey Wright
Janet Wright
Nicole Yee
E.J. Yoder and John Sunnygard
Tom and Linda Yoder
Harry and Paula Young
Donnie and Gina Zabinski
W Todd Zackey
Jean Zartman*
Shari Zirlin
Abigail Zitin
Nancy Zoeltsch*