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Protecting our local environment is most effective when it is a community-wide effort. Thank you to everyone who is doing their part!


Please remember…

  • Terrapins are wild animals; please leave them in their wild homes.
  • If you find an injured terrapin, call The Wetlands Institute at 609-368-1211 with any questions.

There’s a hatchling terrapin!

  • Unless the terrapin is in a life-threatening situation, please leave it alone.
  • If it is in danger: Take the terrapin to the nearest salt marsh. Release it underneath the fallen grasses along the marsh—not in the water.

There’s a terrapin on the road!

  • Wait for the terrapin to cross, or carefully help her cross in the direction she is going. She may have eggs, so be gentle!
  • If the terrapin is injured, gently place her in a box and call us.

There’s a terrapin nesting in my yard!

  • Quietly observe her from afar. She is easily frightened!
  • Leave the nest site undisturbed.