img_8063When we first visited The Wetlands Institute many years ago with our two small children, we knew it was a treasure. The wildlife exhibits and programs were both interesting and entertaining….there was a lot to learn. Move the clock forward and what we see today is nothing short of amazing! Outwardly, the Institute has remained virtually the same, but the amount of programming has grown exponentially and along with it, the deep knowledge of all who work there.

Recently, it has been clear to us that the Institute was now “on the map”, and a global map at that. The amount of networking to broaden its impact with similar organizations with common goals had risen dramatically. The contribution of studies and trials has resulted in connections benefiting many wildlife initiatives, and also all of us.

It takes time, talent and dollars to grow … and we decided it was our turn to give back to the Wetlands. The spirit of giving has been well placed for us as a family. We drive by the Institute all the time, and are proud of the contributions by many, so that all who come can enjoy a terrific experience.

– Jeff and Lee Alderton