by Danielle Meeker, Aquarist/Environmental Educator

Say hello to Hank, the newest addition to our Secrets of the Salt Marsh Aquarium! Hank was donated to The Wetlands Institute by Jeff Martin, Marine Science teacher at Lower Cape May Regional High School. Octopus are extremely curious and playful and Hank is no exception. Whenever we walk into the Aquarium, Hank swims out from his hiding place to say hello by crawling up and down the glass showing off his eight long arms. He loves to explore new items and toys, especially when they have hidden treats inside. Hank is a fast-learner and can unscrew jars and solve tube puzzles. Although he has already shown how intelligent he is, Hank has also shown that he can be a little indecisive. Sometimes, the careful observer will find Hank holding on to two or three toys at once, as though he couldn’t pick just one. Hank adores the spotlight, and until you can meet him in person, keep an eye out for more photos and videos showcasing his daily antics.