by Kimberly Dmytro

“There is nothing quite like the new Tidepool Shop at The Wetlands Institute…” – Camperways, September 1991.

Nearly 30 years ago the Tidepool Shop and Front Desk were one and the same. In 1990, because of a generous grant in memory of William Millar, the Tidepool Shop expanded into it’s current space, at the heart of the main building.

Well, now there is nothing quite like the new, new Tidepool Shop! Through a generous donation the entire entrance, lobby and shop got a fresh coat of paint and brand new flooring throughout. It was the perfect time to consider a new layout of the retail area. The Tidepool Shop is now more open and modern which boasts our ever growing collection of books, smart toys, local fine art and unique gifts. The renovation also included bright new LED track lighting which shows it all off beautifully.

Come see us soon!

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