by Danielle Meeker, Aquarist & Environmental Educator

Anthony smiles while delicately holding a monarch butterfly, after having learned how to tag them on the front lawn of The Wetlands Institute.

This school year, The Wetlands Institute is proud to welcome Anthony Jordan-Michl as an Aquarium Intern. Anthony is a senior at Lower Cape May Regional High School (LCMR) and a participant in their Structured Learning Experience Program. As part of his academic schedule, Anthony gains hands on experience working in our Secrets of the Salt Marsh Aquarium two afternoons a week. During his time at The Wetlands Institute, Anthony is learning how to feed animals, clean and maintain saltwater and turtle tanks, assist with exhibit maintenance, collect food and display animals, and perform other essential functions. Below is a brief interview with Anthony that explores his passion for marine science and his experience here at The Wetlands Institute.

Q: What interests you the most in marine science?
A: The animals and how there are still some organisms out there just waiting to be discovered. It would be so cool to see those!

Q: What are your plans for after graduation?
A: I plan on attending a 4-year school to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Biology, and possibly my Master’s. My number one school {choice} would be Stony Brook University, which has a good program that I would like to get into.

Q: What do you hope to take away from this experience?
A: I would love to get a better understanding of turtles and their diets, as well as learn more about some of the fish in the Aquarium – definitely their diets and insights into their behavior in the wild.

Q: What is your favorite marine animal?
A: Right now, the hammerhead shark! They are gentle giants, in my opinion, and just so cool looking.