by Dr. Lenore Tedesco, Executive Director

Snowy Egret at The Wetlands Institute

Snowy Egret

The season has turned and the meadows, beaches – and island – have awakened from their winter slumber. The Wetlands Institute has shifted gears too and the chorus of resident birds in the marsh that welcomes me to work every day is now joined by the laughter and excitement of hundreds of school children, families, and visitors alike that are exploring the wonders of these special places through Institute programs and visits.

Many things are very similar – Lily and Marshal, our osprey parents – returned to their nest. Our Purple Martin colonies have returned from their wintering grounds in South America and are busy nesting – and eating thousands of insects. Diamondback terrapin hatchlings are emerging from hibernation and adults are laying the eggs of the next generation. Horseshoe crabs are spawning and shorebirds have moved through. Finally, plovers, oystercatchers, terns and skimmers are nesting on Stone Harbor Point. It’s a glorious time to be at the shore, for people and for all of the inhabitants that make this such a special place. To be aware of them and the wonder of it all enriches my life and I am so thankful to be here to witness it – and to participate actively in ensuring that the richness of wildlife and nature we enjoy is here for generations to come.

All of us at the Institute invest time, energy, resources – and sheer willpower every day working to preserve, protect, restore, understand, and monitor these sensitive species and this sensitive place. It’s so much bigger than all of us and our part in healing a small part of this wonderful place at times seems trivial. But at other times, it’s the most meaningful thing that we can do. Healthy marshes and coastal ecosystems are at the heart of healthy communities and our health and wellbeing.

We have invested heavily, for nearly 50 years, in working to ensure these marshes are here for generations to come. We are looking for investors to join with us on this journey. As a nation, we are at a critical point in the progress we have made in the environmental arena. We rely increasingly on private philanthropy to help in addressing lifesaving issues of the natural world. Are you ready to invest in our work and guarantee it continues for at least another 50 years? Let me know. You can reach me at 609-368-1211 or