by Danielle Meeker

Striped Burrfish

Home to some incredible creatures, the Aquarium is an ever evolving and changing place. As Aquarist, it is my responsibility to provide our animals with the best possible care. Often times, the quality of animal husbandry is dependent on equipment. In the past few months, with the use of newly received endowment funds from the Wermuth Family, we have made several enhancements behind the scenes in our Aquarium, replacing ailing or failed equipment. These improvements included the installation of three industrial strength saltwater pumps, a professional grade protein skimmer, and eleven smaller mechanical filters. In addition to supporting the professional appearance of our tanks, these crucial changes have also improved water quality and elevated the level of husbandry we provide.

In the public Aquarium space we have installed a new poster series highlighting climate change, its impact on New Jersey, and how individuals can help. We’re also working to create a complementary display showcasing the impact of climate change on corals. With spring on its way, we are looking forward to warmer waters, and adding some new critters, particularly those inherently lovable ones that people of all ages cannot help but admire. These familiar additions will join some of our already beloved displays featuring our always inquisitive striped burrfish, our secretive golden lobster, and a whole host of fish and invertebrates that help put into perspective the diversity of our salt marsh and ocean. Stay tuned… I am so excited to share what changes and improvements we have in store for the Aquarium! 

Oyster Toadfish