Lois and Barry Hamilton

by Lois Hamilton, Trustee

Did you ever walk into a place and think to yourself… I feel energized here? From the very first time I walked through the double doors of The Wetlands Institute more than 30 years ago, my curiosity was piqued and I knew this was going to become a special place for me and my family.

It started with my friend Sally Herd. She got me involved and I became a docent. The exciting thing for me was knowing that I would learn something new every time I walked through the door: the door that led into the Lecture hall, the door to the tower, the door to the Aquarium, the door to Terrapin Station, and the door to the offices and labs. There is something wonderful behind each of those doors for all to discover.

We have supported The Wetlands Institute through the years because we believe in its mission. We have included the Institute in our estate planning and became members of the Herbert Mills Legacy Society. By financially supporting The Wetlands Institute, we are helping to keep all those doors open to us, our grandchildren, and everyone else who believes in their mission and who walks through those doors.