Special Thanks From SMIIL

After the floodwaters caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ian receded from the marsh islands around the Institute, we discovered that our collaborators at Boston College lost some of their monitoring equipment for our work in the Seven Mile Island Innovation Lab (SMIIL) – including a few data loggers suspended from flotation rings. We put out a call for help on social media, and a couple with a house on Stone Harbor Boulevard responded. They’d found one of the systems while cleaning up after the storm and returned it to us. It was dirty and battered, but it was still working – and more importantly, we were able to retrieve the data we needed.

The data recorded by these systems is very important, and we were thrilled to have this one back. Thanks to Anthony and Gail Flynn for recovering the logger and bringing it in. It is a big help to the entire SMIIL team, and we all greatly appreciate it!

There are still two more of these out there somewhere; if you’ve seen or have managed to retrieve one, please contact us at staff@wetlandsinstitute.org or 609-368-1211.

Festivals 2023: A Fresh Perspective

As we look to 2023 and beyond, we’ll be revamping many of our festivals to expand our celebration of the natural wonders around us. From the spectacle of bird and butterfly migrations to the excitement of the diamondback terrapin nesting season, we’re creating more opportunities for engagement and more chances for you to connect with the majesty of nature right here in our marshes, along our coasts, and in the back bays and channels of South Jersey. Stay tuned in 2023 for more information about the exciting changes in store!