Science at the Shore: Research in Conservation Biology
Since its foundation in 1969, the Wetlands Institute has routinely involved undergraduate students in a wide variety of research projects pertaining to coastal environments and the organisms inhabiting them.

Currently, the Wetlands Institute is a partner in the Coastal Conservation Research Program (CCRP) with Stockton University and is also supported by other public & private donors.

The CCRP focuses its conservation and research efforts on issues created by our close proximity to the dense human population of the northeastern United States. Over the past 20 years, the CCRP has increasingly involved partnerships with Stockton students and faculty. Additionally, college and university students from more than 100 other academic institutions throughout the United States and abroad have participated in our program. The CCRP now annually involves approximately 10 –15 student researchers supervised by research scientists.

In 2000, the Wetlands Institute became the host research facility for the Asian Scholarship Program. The program brings young aspiring herpetologists from other parts of the world to the United States for an intensive summer of research, workshops, and fieldtrips. These Asian interns work alongside our summer research interns, learning skills that will enable them to conserve native wildlife in their home countries.