2013-03-17_005-webIn continuing with our efforts to restore the bayshore and ensure that our communities and natural resources are resilient, The Wetlands Institute has written letters to our Congressional Delegates to urge their support of a much larger and more comprehensive beach renourishment project than the emergency post-Sandy restoration work just completed.

The letters request that funding for the Middle and Lower Township bayshore beaches restoration project be included as part of federal funding from the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013.  If you would like to show your support for this important issue, let your voice be heard! Join us in our efforts by writing to our Congressman, Senate Representatives, and the Army Corp of Engineers.  Congressman Lobiondo has been a supporter of the project and is doing what he can so please thank him for his efforts if you contact him.

You are welcome to use The Wetlands Institute’s letter as a template for your own.  Just click the links below to download the file as well as the mailing addresses.

Letter Template

Congressional Contact List


Here are links to the project fact sheets:

Reeds Beach and Pierces Point

Villas and vicinity