by Rae Griffiths, Office Assistant

Charlotte, Evelyn, and Trey Dougherty

What do Carly Baniewicz, Ava Dorfner and the Dougherty siblings have in common? They are all young nature-lovers who chose The Wetlands Institute (TWI) to benefit from their entrepreneurial spirit this past summer. And what better way to celebrate summer than with a lemonade stand! Carly Baniewicz from Malvern, PA first donated the proceeds from her lemonade stand to The Wetlands Institute in 2017 at age six, while Trey (10), Charlotte (8) and Evelyn (6) Dougherty from Westfield, NJ made their first lemonade stand gift in 2019. We feel very lucky that they chose to honor us again this year.


Ava Dorfner

For her mitzvah project, Ava Dorfner from Moorestown, NJ sold lemonade, Rice Crispy treats and dog biscuits to help raise funds for TWI and our diamondback terrapin conservation program. Her mom told us Ava “is a science lover and was immediately drawn to the Institute as its objectives are to preserve the island that she so treasures. She hopes to study meteorology someday and is intrigued by environmental science.” Every contributor to TWI is special to us, but we feel particularly endeared to young people who look for ways to make a difference for the marshes we cherish and the creatures that rely on them for survival. We are indebted to the kindness of these selfless kids who give us all great hope for the future of our fragile planet. Thank you and keep up the good work!