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Salt Marsh Safari

Explore the salt marsh, any season, any time with our virtual Salt Marsh Safari! Take a dive into our A Young Naturalist’s Guide to the Salt Marsh and Back Bays to learn more about the plants and animals who call this ecosystem home, explore the seasonal changes in the salt marsh with our clickable illustrations and live marsh view cameras, and then check in with our resident Osprey pair on our live Osprey camera.

Fly Over to the Osprey Nest

Get updates, answers to frequently asked questions, and view the live Osprey cameras.

Interactive Salt Marsh Safari with ‘Scute

Take a Google Earth interactive tour of our Salt Marsh Trail with ‘Scute.

Click the markers on the map to right to learn about some the wildlife and vegetation you can find in the salt marsh.

You can also take our interactive tour on Google maps: Salt Marsh Safari Tour.


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