Winter Happenings

Even though it might be cold outside, it is always warm inside at The Wetlands Institute!  Please join us for activities on the marsh every Saturday and Sunday from September 18, 2023 until May 19, 2024.  Unless otherwise stated, all activities are included in the price of admission and occur onsite at The Wetlands Institute.  Questions?  Please call The Wetlands Institute at 609-368-1211.

Seasonal Science Activities

We believe children and adults learn a great deal through moments of self-exploration.  Each month we will offer a new self-guided science activity or craft related to seasonal changes in nature.  We provide the supplies and you create the learning!  Possible activities related to migration, geology, outdoor exploration, nature crafts, simple science experiments and much more!

Saturday and Sunday (beginning Saturday, Sept. 30):  10:00am – 4:00pm
Free with admission

Creature Feature and Craft

During this live animal presentation, we will highlight a different live animal or group of animals each day! Get up close with terrapins, fish, crabs, sea stars and urchins, mollusks, horseshoe crabs and the animals of Finding Nemo. After the presentation, create your very own take-home craft!

Saturday:  2:00pm
Free with admission

Aquarium Feeding

Act as an Aquarist for a day and help us feed the local marine life! We will open up feeding each week so you can see the burrfish eating crabs and the horseshoe crab gobbling shrimp. Not all animals are fed every day.

Saturday:  11:00am
Free with admission

Aquarium Teaching and Touch Tank

There is no better way to learn about the local creatures found in the salty waters of the ocean or New Jersey back-bays than to experience them firsthand!  Come join a Wetlands Institute educator for a unique, interactive learning experience as they teach about whelk, skates, sea urchins, sea stars, mud snails, and more!  Please come prepared to touch the animals by not having any bug spray, hand sanitizer, or lotion on your hands. If needed, hands can be washed with mild soap and water in The Wetlands Institute restroom before the program.

Sunday:  11:00am
Free with admission

Science Feature and Activity

Each Sunday we will focus on a different conservation issue or science “hot topic”!  Some of the topics include Bat Conservation, Marine Debris, Osprey Conservation, Dredging, Climate Change, Sustainable Energy, Horseshoe Crab Conservation, Terrapin Conservation, and the world of Plankton.  After the presentation, participate in a hands-on activity related to that day’s Science Feature!  Activity recommended for ages 8 and up, but younger children are welcome to attend.

Sunday:  2:00pm
Free with admission