I joined the Wetlands family in April as the new Outreach Coordinator. I graduated from Stockton University in 2013, with a BS in Marine Science, and a concentration in Marine Biology. While in college, I started my marine biology career as an aquaculturist. From there, I have worked at the Atlantic City Aquarium, Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center, National Aquarium, Jenkinson’s Aquarium, and USDA. I have also volunteered with NJDFW, USFWS, and Bryn Athyn College on various trapping and banding projects with: American black ducks, mallards, Canada geese, wood ducks, whitetail deer, and horseshoe crabs.

I am a South Jersey local from birth. Growing up close to the coast sparked my interest for marine life at a very young age. My passion for animals and conservation, combined with the desire to share that passion, is what ultimately led me to a career in environmental education. I am an outdoors girl at heart and spend my free time hunting, fishing, hiking, crabbing, and clamming. Because I try to live off the land, I personally have a reason to care about wildlife and coastal habitats. My main goal, while at The Wetlands Institute, is to inspire others to care about these critical habitats just as much as I do. I want to spark a fire in others to want to conserve these habitats for future generations to experience. If I can encourage just a few individuals to take action towards a brighter future for the wetlands, then any work I do here will be worth it. — Haley Faith