by Brooke Knapick, Director of Educational Program Development

For the past nine years, I have had the pleasure of working alongside one of the best environmental educators in the profession – The Wetlands Institute’s Environmental Educator, Sue Slotterback. Sue’s career began long before The Wetlands Institute, but the quality of her programs and the initiative she took to bring her experience, enthusiasm and passion for education to not only her peers but also the next generation of environmental stewards leaves a valuable and lasting impact on this organization and the community.

As Sue enters retirement and steps forth into her future, it remains clear that environmental education is more than just a job – it is her way of being. Although she will no longer be coming to work at The Wetlands Institute every day, Sue is a consummate educator and will be so for a lifetime. The Wetlands Institute says goodbye to her for now, but knows we will see her in her happy place – on the beach, toes in the sand, salt in her hair, horseshoe crab in hand. Until then, thank you Sue for all you have done and the mark you have made, on not only The Wetlands Institute but also the countless children and adults who have had the pleasure of learning from you. Enjoy everything the future holds for you and we will see you on the beach!