by Devin Griffiths, Marketing & Communications Specialist

The Marshketeers, L to R from top: Lenore Tedesco, Lisa Ferguson, Samantha Collins (and Dunlin), Devin Griffiths, Aidan Griffiths

On Saturday, May 9 – the coldest May day in recent memory – TWI’s team of intrepid birders, The Marshketeers, gave up sleep and braved the weather to spend 24 hours birding for conservation during NJ Audubon’s World Series of Birding. COVID-19 presented some significant challenges this year, but the event went off successfully and safely, and everyone involved enjoyed a great – if unexpectedly cold – day out.

The Marshketeers closed the day with 132 species – including the Eastern Kingbird, this year’s bonus bird – and claimed the Swarovski Carbon Footprint Cup, birding exclusively by carbon-neutral means (including a bit by horseback). But the birds were the real winners: through generous donations and pledges, The Marshketeers raised more than $5,500, which goes directly to The Wetlands Institute’s coastal bird research and conservation programs and supports the lifesaving work we do on behalf of our imperiled beach-nesting birds.