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Read more about this effort in an article written by Dr. Lenore Tedesco:

Invasive Species Clean-up

On Saturday November 2, 2013, The Wetlands Institute, working in cooperation with the Borough of Stone Harbor and the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary Committee, sponsored the first of many planned volunteer efforts designed to remove invasive vines from sections of the Bird Sanctuary. Dr. Lenore Tedesco, a noted expert in natural areas restoration is leading the Institutes collaboration efforts with the Sanctuary committee.

It is expected that removal of invasive growth will improve habitat and provide open flyways for colonial wading birds such as egrets and herons to roost and nest in the Sanctuary. Improved habitat will also increase site usage by resident and migratory songbirds. Volunteers included community members, Grant Russ, Director of Public Works in Stone Harbor and his son Chris, as well as staff from prominent local landscape organizations.

As the pictures illustrate, the volunteers made a significant impact removing a dumpster full of exotic, invasive English Ivy and Japanese Honeysuckle from a maritime forest area of the Sanctuary that includes a holly tree estimated to be around 400 years old.  The removal of these invasive vines which effectively strangle the trees will extend the life of the oldest Sanctuary resident.

Following an invasive vegetation management and control plan developed by Dr. Tedesco, the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary Committee, The Wetlands Institute and Stone Harbor Public Works will sponsor similar events in the spring and fall of 2014!

Before and After Pictures