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Spring Happenings

The Wetlands Institute will be open daily starting May 18, 2020! Unless otherwise stated, all activities are free with admission and occur onsite at The Wetlands Institute. Questions? Please call The Wetlands Institute at 609-368-1211. Please note:  Summer hours and activities start June 22, 2020. The Wetlands Institute will be open daily from 9:30am – 4:30pm with special evening hours until 7:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please check our website calendar for programming updates as we transition from spring to summer hours! 

Salt Marsh Safari

Starting in Marsh View Hall, watch our award-winning film, Secrets of the Salt Marsh.  Then join us for a guided interpretive walk through the wetlands!  Together we will travel along the new elevated walkway, down the salt marsh trail and out onto the dock overlooking Scotch Bonnet creek.  To fully experience the marsh, make sure to wear shoes that can get wet and muddy!

Daily:  11:00am and 2:00pm
Free with admission

Creature Feature and Craft

We will highlight a different live animal or group of animals each day! Get up close with terrapins, fish, crabs, sea stars and urchins, mollusks, horseshoe crabs and the animals of Finding Nemo. After the presentation, create a take-home craft related to that day’s Creature Feature!

Monday and Friday:  12:30pm
Free with admission

Catch o’ the Day

Get your feet wet (or wear waders!) as you discover what swims in the back bays.  Help us drag a seine net through the water to find crabs, shrimp, fish and more.  Activity recommended for ages 8 and up.  Younger children are welcome to attend and can assist in removing creatures from the net! This activity is tide dependent and may not occur during low tide.

Wednesday:  12:30 pm
Free with admission

Aquarium Feeding

Act as an Aquarist for a day and help us feed the local marine life! We will open up feeding three times each week so you can see the turtles chasing minnows and the horseshoe crab gobbling shrimp. Not all animals are fed every day.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday:  12:30pm
Free with admission

Seashell Sunday

Starting a shell collection?  Want to know where shells come from?  Can’t figure out what you found on the beach?  Bring it in and we will tell you all about seashells, how to collect them without harming the environment and feature an assortment of live mollusks and cool artifacts.

Sunday:  12:30pm
Free with admission

 2020 Special Events