Custom Turtle Tiles To Be Sold in the Institute’s Tidepool Store

A literature class of 6th graders and an enrichment class of 8th graders at Crest Memorial School, both taught by Wayne Rowe, have used a book and ceramic tiles to help turtles.

When the 6th graders read  The View from Saturday, they learned about Nadia,  the main character in the novel, who loved sea turtles and often helped protect the babies with the help from her grandparents.  That motivated the students to  help a local turtle species – the Diamondback Terrapin – and they contacted the Wetlands Institute.

Then the 8th grade enrichment class was studying the Industrial Revolution and their teacher who owns Rowehouse Tile, a custom ceramic tile store in Court House, explained how  the manufacturing of tiles was example of a production line in a factory.

That, in turn, led to students in both classes creating more than  200 custom-designed ceramic tiles.

In  February, the 6th grade class raised $200  selling these tiles at a school social. The remaining tiles are on sale at the Wetlands Institute for $3 each.  The unique tiles are hand painted and glazed by the students and all proceeds benefit the Wetlands Institute.  The class hopes to raise $500 to purchase a turtle transmitter, a device to track underwater marine creatures.

The Wetlands Institute promotes appreciation, understanding and stewardship of wetlands and coastal ecosystems through programs in research, education and conservation.