The Wetlands Institute invites you to join the Herbert Mills Legacy Society! Named after our founder, the Herbert Mills Legacy Society honors people who have left The Wetlands Institute in their will. If you have already done so, please let us know so that we can welcome you as our newest member! If you have any questions or need additional information or sample language, please contact Heather Gee at 609-368-1211. Thanks to all of our current members! A simple bequests can be a very powerful way to invest in the future of the Institute!

In June, we created two additional ways of honoring people who support the Institute. The Loyalty Society was created to honor those individuals who have made contributions to the Institute for the last ten consecutive years. We thank these loyal supporters!

In addition, we have a new Lifetime Membership level. The Board of Trustees voted to give Lifetime Memberships to a group of people who have given their time, talent and treasure to the Institute for many, many years. We are grateful to each of you!

“After my first year of high school, I volunteered with the Summer Nature Program. The amazing experiences I have had at The Wetlands Institute as both a camper and a volunteer have influenced me to consider a career as a marine biologist. The Wetlands Institute is truly an extraordinary place of great value and I hope it continues to inspire young people like me for years to come. “


“It’s institutes like The Wetlands which not only continue to make groundbreaking strides forward to help our earth but also instill these values in the children, who will inherit it. Thank you so much for what you do!”