Osprey Update 6-6-2016

Our Ospreys have names! We put it to vote and our Facebook fans chose Marshal and Lily. Egg #1 came 36 days ago so we expect it to hatch any day now!

Osprey Update 5-9-2016

This morning, the female osprey on the nest became entangled in a plastic bag around her neck. We monitored the situation closely and consulted biologists with the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife and Conserve Wildlife Foundation about possible responses…

Osprey Update 5-2-2016

We have an egg! It arrived just before 5pm on Sunday May 1. Unfortunately, the rain makes it difficult to see but there it is!

Osprey Update 4-6-2016

After observing a few daily visits over the recent days, we were able to catch the pair sharing lunch today!