Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Coastal Conservation Research Program (CCRP) is the outgrowth of a research program initiated in 1989 at the Wetlands Institute on the Cape May Peninsula of southernmost New Jersey. Located on 6,000 acres of coastal salt marsh, the Wetlands Institute promotes research, education, and conservation through a variety of methods including classes, field research, and local community involvement. The CCRP is a partnership between the Wetlands Institute, Stockton University, and other public and private partners.

The CCRP focuses its research and conservation efforts on issues related to our close proximity to the dense human population of the northeastern United States. Over the past 20 years, nearly 200 college and university students from over 100 academic institutions throughout the United States and abroad have participated in our program. The CCRP now annually involves approximately 10-15 student researchers working closely with research scientists on a wide variety of projects.

In 2000, the Wetlands Institute became the host research facility for the Asian Scholarship Program. This program brings young aspiring herpetologists from other parts of the world to the United States for an intensive summer of research, workshops, and field trips. These Asian participants work alongside our summer student researchers, learning skills that will enable them to conserve native wildlife in their home countries.

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