Congratulations to Wetlands Institute volunteer, Steve Ahern, who ran in the New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 7, 2010.  Steve’s “Race for Research” raised over $1,500 for the Wetlands Institute in just over two weeks.

This is the first time Ahern has ever participated in the New York City Marathon and he crossed the finish line with a time of 5 hours and 34 minutes (passing NBC Today Show star Al Roker on the way).

Steve, and his wife Susan, make things happen as devoted volunteers for the Wetlands Institute. The Sea Isle couple have spent a large amount of their spare time educating young people about the relatively unknown diamondback terrapin and the challenges this marine reptile faces due to shore town sprawl enveloping its habitat. 

“We hope to be doing this long enough to help educate people about the habits of the diamondback,” said Steve. “We’d like people to watch out for turtle hatchlings and realize that the build up at shore has caused turtles to lay nests in places like front yards.”

Through research and conservation programs including the Coastal Conservation Research Project and Adopt-A-Terrapin, the Wetlands Institute works to restore the Diamondback population and develop new findings in habitat conservation, safer nesting opportunities and more.

Click here for more information regarding the Diamondback Terrapin, current conservation programs and research projects.

As for Steve, he is looking forward to next year.  

“Running in the NYC Marathon was an amazing experience and the most enjoyable run I’ve ever had” said Ahern.  “I can’t wait to do it again in 2011.” 

All of us at the Institute are truly grateful for the Aherns and their countless hours of volunteering and supporting the education, conservation and research programs at the Wetlands Institute.  Run, Steve, Run!