Christina Faulk (left) Diana McFadden (right)

Our volunteers give of themselves and bring with them their skills, abilities, and compassion and ask for nothing in return. Their commitment to the Institute is an inspiration to all of us. We recently held a celebration to thank these individuals.

Several of our volunteers helped at the front desk or with special events. Others gave their time teaching or assisting in the Aquarium and with Summer Nature Programs. Some also helped with terrapin projects such as spotting nesting females, installing nest exclosures to protect eggs from predation, and monitoring the nests for hatchlings.

This year alone, 71 Junior Volunteers gave a total of 1431 hours; 65 Adult Volunteers providing us with 1328 hours of service; and 112 One Day Volunteers assisted us for 344 hours. Together, these devoted individuals were responsible for an aggregate 3103 donated hours.

Our top junior volunteer for the year was Maria Riley who gave 110 hours of service.

Our top adult volunteer for 2014 was Diana McFadden (pictured above) with 230 hours donated.

Thank you for all that you do!