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Giving Back

When we first visited The Wetlands Institute many years ago with our two small children, we knew it was a treasure. The wildlife exhibits and programs were both interesting and entertaining….there was a lot to learn. Move the clock forward and what we see today is...
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Coming Full Circle

by Tori Musumeci, CCRP Coordinator I was in the lab, crowded around the lab table with the rest of the 4th grade campers, interns and research staff and I did not feel good. Unfamiliar black spots where swirling in front of my eyes and I was losing my hearing, next...
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A Generational Outlook to Preserving and Protecting Coastal Wetlands

My family has been coming to the seashore for generations. Some of my fondest memories are of family times spent at the shore. Bodysurfing and fishing with my father and children and many days hanging out on the beach or on the back bays sailing, kayaking or swimming....
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From our Chairman

As a youth, I enjoyed countless hours wandering across the wetlands behind my family’s home on Jenkins Sound. I would fish and crab. I had my own oyster beds. I would sail across Jenkins Sound, through the tidal creeks to get to Stone Harbor to join my friends at the...
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Reflections from a Volunteer

I have been volunteering with The Wetlands Institute for many years. I have to say; every time I see a turtle release with all of those kids I am moved. The children are there, in their T-shirts hanging to their knees holding baby turtles that have been saved from...
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The Natural World is Important to Me

Having been a member of The Wetland’s Institute for over fifteen years, I decided to include The Wetlands Institute in my estate planning. The natural world of the shore is both enjoyable and important to me. As a young child, I loved being outside! Nature was a...
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